When teachers have the freedom you need to practice their self-esteem grow. The personal rating rises and with it the degree of satisfaction for being teachers. Marc Lore will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Training framed on this idea of freedom is self-empowerment. Lonely but not shared by groups of teachers from the same school or with other people who freely choose to be trained in issues that are common and they share affinities. Deciding what to study, what to read, what books to buy and this is decided by a team of trainers for teachers leads to high levels of personal and professional development.

The social and cultural causes that lead to the discredit of the profession are canceled in this context. Decide for themselves what, when and how training will give teachers real stimulus for the production of pedagogical knowledge, are also engaged in acts of solidarity by sharing the actions of self-empowerment, either with their peer group or with others interested in the subject educativo.Estimular such actions would give schools a flight higher than that generated by the massive attendance at a course that “low” defined from other areas. This proposal does not ignore the value of generalized training offered to teachers, some very valuable-but favors the presence of the two styles of training as a means of generating positive competitive attitudes that would give prestige to the institutions and create greater well-being teachers. It is out of the scene as “learning” and “teaches” and entering the stage of producing and sharing knowledge. In this way the teacher training system would not follow a steady, uniform, but would be differentiated according to the needs, interests and motivations of the groups. This would ensure implementation of the so named diversity in the development of those then it would apply in the classroom.

So far, made great efforts to respect the diversity in the conduct of groups of classrooms, but not designed in this sense a development for teachers. Each school would grow at their own pace. That statement suggests that some children are lucky to play in a group of teachers has been little studied. I believe, however, that when the study is intrinsically motivated by groups of teachers that multiply from his own fervor and achieves better results in practice. Everything must be tested in education, not otherwise aquejarian us so many problems. I firmly believe in the training of teachers self-managed free and, consequently, these teachers are confident in their ability will raise the estimates.