In publicly-run contest between footballers not every word must be laid on the gold scales the LG Munchen II had to decide on a compensation lawsuit of the ex – national goalkeeper Jens Lehmann against Werder Bremen goalkeeper Tim Wiese. Jens Lehmann had requested EUR 20,000.00 as redress by Tim Wiese, because this of his statements after the Champions League game Werder Bremen against Tottenham (2-2 in September 2010 compared with a reporter offended feel had. Literally, meadow had said to the reporter: “the Lehmann should go in the Muppet Show. The man heard on the couch. Maybe help him there. Have a best in the closed.” Lehmann had previously criticized Albert performance as a TV expert in the game and accused him of a clean sheet.

The application was dismissed. According to the LG Munchen II involves statements Wiese no pure abusive criticism, because this also objectively have grappled with the previous opinion by Lehmann on his game performance. In the the principle of admissibility of free speech applies public opinion struggle according to the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court and the Federal Court. This was taken into account in the context of case-related balance of the General personality right of the applicant on the one hand and the freedom of expression of the defendant on the other hand. Strong formulations were covered this. Even if Albert statements are not worth emulating, the border become the defamatory”in this case not exceeded. In the milieu of professional football there are swear words and the discharge of conflicts between sportsmen on the media of the day, so that not every statement should be placed on the gold scales. The verdict is not yet final. LG Munchen II, judgment of the 25.08.2011 – 8 O 127 / 11 more articles see: find lawyer or tax advisor: providers/index / rights problems write free of charge from: reverse_auction_wizard/new_or_template LAWMARKET UG limited liability Erich gene coat Ulmenstrasse 6 73460 Huttlingen Tel: + 49 (0 7361 / 8292507 fax: + 49 (03221 2329940))