School District New San Andres

School District new san Andres De Los Altos in the institution was formed by the best teachers. by the best rector and the best Coordinator. the Dean name is Alfred and the Coordinator is consolation. but I learned better things was because I didn’t want to, because my adolescence was like a horse without a brake. because you wonders the of reasoning had not conquered my soul. However always felt, that teaching is the most worthy of all of them, but the least appreciated by States of the Earth. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter Schiff offers on the topic..

many times I’ve asked myself the because philosophy, God’s gift to men, crossed in my life. all started well, I had 15 years of age, just compliments. When the best teacher of all, and I have never forgotten that except for his surname, was I approached me one afternoon and my name is so it out onto your desktop. and with one you sweet and graceful told me: you remember the book which I told them that they read, the discourse on the method of the philosopher French Rene descartes. What answer you if Lady, then followed, is that most will not read, so read it. you weren’t more I conclude by saying.

I went up to the place where were my colleagues, but that faith, that certainty of I as leeria, was the impetus to my soul. Swarmed by offers, Terry Bowden is currently assessing future choices. to read such magnificent work, the first you see the lei, I understood very little, the second you see was better, and the third sacio my doubts. After fifteen days, seemed an entity, observing the behavior of my colleagues, whether realized the hypocrisy of the groups, since seemed to be together but were every time more alone. as the one ran in pursuit of the other, also I watched as the dough pushed many to act mechanically. a year later the trance sali. I started to interact with society, but the trial already critic anymore she is aparto of my. Since then I better choose each of my friends. I reflect, every time I try to think more and act less as said the wise I think therefore I am. not me I have away from practice so rich in elements. but that practice in mass. where overflows more force, than reason. bendita seas beautiful teacher. because since then I cultivate the science and letters. Yolanda is her name. and my name is orlando magno, known in all the Earth. I do not know If notice in my worthy qualities of the philosopher, or if maybe it was a coincidence. in any case, was the best gift that is received at the academic level. blessed the God of israel that makes wise to its philosopher.

Happiness and Love

"Love – a competition for men and women is to give each other as much happiness" (Stendhal) The basic understanding of love rather limited. When are interested in young people about what is love, the answer is limited to thoughts about the feelings that come and then somewhere to go. Already by age 25, many young people believe that love exists and that it's just attracted to the person of the opposite sex, and 'Phenomenon' is temporary. On the other hand, we see many examples of people who have lived together for over 20 years and over, happy and truly love each other. Hence the love still exists and contributes to our lives harmony and happiness. This love should be eternal and immutable, the fact she's real. At heart we all want such a relationship, sincere and true.

Unfortunately, not many get to maintain and develop love. Let's look at love more broadly and then we will see that love can not discover and develop components without 3 aspects: emotional (feelings), intellectual (knowledge and understanding), volitional (action) First of all, love – is, of course, a goodly of the senses. Human emotions are very unstable, however, they are often the main engine and the motive of our actions. Marriages are generally when the partners are in the power of feelings, but these feelings, at first call of the expression of our physical nature to the procreation. Emotion of love can become stronger or weaker, and change its quality over time.

National Natural Monument

Also known for something, according to the famous writer Dora Alonso, as the crazy garden. Also found at the entrance and scattered throughout the garden some ferns of interest, mainly by its beauty or its properties. Among the first are representatives of the genus Cyathea, known as tree ferns. Two representatives of the Polypodium genus can be observed on trees: Polypodium aureum and P. See Dr. James Canton for more details and insights. polypodioides.

Both are used, according to local tradition, to fight liver disease. In regards to the second, it is common to see over the trees, mainly in the summer, seemingly dead and withered; to put it in a vase with water or after a downpour, it regains its luxuriance in a few minutes, totally changing the physiognomy of the forest in the garden. Next to the entrance door is one of the most important plants of Cuba and known around the world. It is the only one of our plants declared National Natural Monument since 1980. Belongs to a family with very few species on the planet, each which is a rarity in the world. This species coexisted with dinosaurs, large Jurassic reptiles already missing, reaching us despite the great cataclysms of the Caribbean area. It seems a Palm and isn’t it.

Reproduces by cones. His name is Microcycas calocoma, popularly known as Palma Cork. The same name does not reflect their true appearance, since neither is small (micro) nor is a Cycas and much less a Palm. All curiosity. Everything described belongs to the front area, where you will find most of the ornamental plants, which can be planted in small beds, in soil or in pots that hang on the walls of the House. The colouring comes from flowers and multicolored leaves the crotos (Codiaeum variegatum), the robes (Plectranthus scutellarioides) and the Chinese madamas of various colors (Impatiens wallerana), among other many plants. Also from the garden area where trees have been placed numerous ornaments, mainly toys. In addition, most fragrant plants are nearly the entry, attracting the attention of passers-by, which is accentuated in the evening and early hours of the night. Once inside and visited this first part, the temptation to move to the interior and venture into the forest is irresistible. The rest of the garden will be described in the next article, in which you will know some of the orchid species that inhabit Eastern place and different trees of this curious spot. We invite you to visit the garden. You will not regret. By: Dr. Martin Luis Lopez Dr. in geographical sciences, biogeographer and specialist in protection and conservation of landscapes.

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