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On Threads And Tools For Knitting

The quality of the product depends on a knitted yarn, of which it is made. Threads must comply with destination articles, his style, style, etc. For knitting or crochet use wool, silk, cotton, linen, viscose and synthetic fibers. Wool yarn is used as a factory and handmade. The thickness of the yarn is determined by the number. Number – the number of yards of yarn per one gram. Therefore, the higher the number, the thinner the thread. The labels usually indicate the number of yarns, expressed as fractions, for example, 32 / 2.

The numerator indicates the thickness of the yarn, and the denominator – how many threads it is flat. For sports sweaters, jackets used a thick yarn. If the threads are thin, they add up to a few additions. For elegant fine products used in the thin filaments of one or two additions. How much yarn is required for a particular product? First of all we must remember that the thinner the yarn, the less weight it will need, and what it is thicker, the longer it will take to the product.

Number of yarn depends, of course, and the style, size of the product, the pattern of breeding. For example, the delicate mating must be much less yarn than a complex pattern with "braids", and more on the garter than stocking. Therefore, the sweater will take between 500 to 1000 g, the dress – from 700 to 1200 g, the suit – from 1000 to 1500 buying yarn for a particular item, better to buy a little bit more so in the process could change the length or style. A thread always balance can be used to furnish products or small things – gloves, tack and other wool yarn used for a large assortment of men, women and children's products. This scarf and hat, breeches and jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts, jackets, coats, mittens and gloves.