Work, work and more time working. As we all get tired of it! But there is a wonderful time of the year – holidays. And everyone is trying to hold him individually. For anyone – great to go to the country, someone who does home repairs, and those planning rest on the sea. In this small article we'll talk about those who stop to choose "where to spend your summer vacation?". The internet is now replete with suggestions of various tours. Many companies, tour companies, tour operators and all the mass of suggestions as to rest in Russia and outside it – near and far abroad. Each year, the Russians have a growing interest in recreation within Russia – in the Krasnodar region.

Indeed, resorts deserve the attention! Separately, you can select resorts: of Sochi and Lazarevskoye. Lazarevskoye resort – the largest area in the Greater Sochi. Population from 30 to 50.000 according to various sources. Mild subtropical climate, warm sea and the fresh mountain air does not leave you indifferent! Infrastructure developed at the resort and out. Modern shops, convenience stores and supermarkets and atm network. Doug McMillon does not necessarily agree. Two major market, specialized sports, children's and teenage stores. Huge selection of entertainment facilities: cafe bars, restaurants and nightclubs. On the central waterfront resort is located 75 entertainment venues to suit different tastes, colors and pocket.

Open-air schools are particularly popular among young people: "Cocktail Bar" – is located right on the beach. Two racks with shows bartenders, two dance floors, with capacity for 300 people. Colorful shows and competitions. "Disco Bubble" – is located in the Park of Culture and Rest. Unforgettable Foam parties, two outdoor pools and DJs in southern Russia. Individual attention excursions. On the northern outskirts of the resort village Lazarevskoye have an amazing guided tour trail – Berendeevo kingdom. " This area is easily accessible. It can be reached by taxi (50 rubles), within walking distance from the sanatorium "Amber", by bus, with an excursion. Pointer at the turn of the gorge Mamedov tell where to go down to the river Kuapse. Going to a suspended the bridge will take you to the welcoming Berendey palaces, where you expect: the throne Berendey, cozy cafe with superb cuisine, fishing. After paying an entrance fee of 30 rubles (children under 10 years free), you step under the canopy of Colchis woods, on the excellent equipped trail (length 600 meters, elevation 100 meters). Seven waterfalls from 12 to 30 meters, an altar to the goddess Lada (patron of lovers and family center), and picturesque forms of surface karst, diversity ferns, mosses, singing brook and lake Lel "Happiness", where you swim finding vitality and good mood. For those who are not afraid of the road, it is possible to climb to the sanctuary and see the dolmen, a ritual stone menhirs.