The number of andrognicos receivers is under control of esterides gonadais, being that they had increased estrgenos them, whereas the andrgenos auto-they regulate its concentration, as observed in the elevating muscle of the anus (WILSON & GRIFFIN, 1993). The capacity of the muscle to answer to esteride anablico pparently is limited, probably to the point of the receiver to become saturated. However, the fact of doses supplies physiological of the hormone had still obtained to promote increase additional of the muscle, leads to believe in the existence of another mechanism, that not in level of the receiver. In this in case that, the possibility is an action of esteride anablico acting as antagonistic of glicocorticides, diminishing the protein degradation, what it would increase the proteinic synthesis. FORBES (1992) demonstrated to have relation dose-reply for esterides anablicos, with evident reply and high doses. Additionally, esterides anablicos can produce effect that is regulated by the central nervous system. Athletes in use of esterides are comumente more aggressive, they try little fatigue and they increase the intensity of the exercises. One gives credit that the number of the receivers of the muscle can increase through force training.

Programs of training of force combined with esteride anablico, could not only increase the small farms of receivers, but also the saturation of these receivers. This would result in increase of the proteinic synthesis and prevention of the protein in addition. For LAMB (1984), doubt regarding the effectiveness of esterides anablicos-andrognicos in promoting the protein synthesis does not exist in the esqueltico muscle and other fabrics, in some circumstances. In castrated rats these substances promote the nitrogen retention, increase of the lean mass and stimulate the muscular growth. Also they are very efficient in stimulating nitrogen retention and muscular development in men who have been castrated or are deficient of the natural hormone. Research with albumen marked human being (I 131 albumen) 15-N glicina, concluded that fenilpropionato of nandrolona directly speeds up the proteinic synthesis and the degree where this occurs, is related with the protein ingestion and calories (VAN WAYJEN, 1993).