I don’t know if the world is better without the deposed Sadam Husein in Iraq. Yes I know, however, that some people thought that it would be better without the United States, at least in its latest version, with George Bush Jr. in front of their destinations. Imagine for a moment, however, a world in which there were no United States. In this scenario, the Berlin wall still probably subsist. But that is not the most important thing. The United States have been, and are, the economic engine of the world and a promoter of democracy and human rights.

Without it, world trade would have stagnated and the gross national product of many countries would be half of the current. Research and scientific development upon 50 years the vast majority of the Nobel prizes for science are Americans and even UN would exist in its current form, funded in large part by Washington and received in U.S. territory. Probably not today’s conflicts arise day, clear. But Adolf Hitler instead He could have won World War II, with its disastrous consequences.

Without trace us so much, we don’t know if the latent struggle between India and Pakistan, Turkey and Greece or Ecuador and Peru, for example, they would have not finished in devastating wars. Most plausible of all significant retreat of democracy and human rights in the world at the hands of tyrants and libertycide would have been lacking in the international reference of a strong democratic State. Europe itself would have lacked encouragement enough for its union, its development and the constant enlargement of their freedoms. All this is only a hypothesis, just a political game. But anyone who practices it, whatever your ideology, you won’t find very different results of the stated here. Original author and source of the article.