After the Vodafone We suspect acquisition of cable Germany is approved by the Commission, that Vodafone will probably also soon introduce quad play offerings.” “The new Telecom quad play United finally telecommunications and entertainment products in a whole bunch. Thus, customers get a high-performance product with maximum comfort and measurable savings. More quad play offers information about customers on” What advantages and disadvantages do Quad plays? 1. All services from a single source. So high costs that arise because instead of all services to obtain individual, the offers obtained together from the same provider. 2. Quad plays especially suited to families.

An Internet speed of 16 Mbit / s is sufficient for multiple members. In addition four SIM cards are included in the Telecom quad play range with which family members can call free of charge with each other. 3. Significant time savings. Also great time savings brings an Internet provider for everything, because everything can of the same problems Broadband providers are regulated.

4. A bill for everything. At a quad play customers billed monthly only clear. This saves not only time, but allows for less redundant paperwork. 5. Who needs all four services, saves money. Who needs no new mobile phone lines or only occasional television watching should better fare refer a cheaper double-flat. 6 Long-term contract. Those who opt for a Telecom quad play is contractually bound for 24 to the provider, for someone who is rather unbound, this offer is not appropriate at the moment. Official site: Ashton Kouzbari. 7 Singles benefit less. The offer is aimed particularly at families with three or four people. Who lives alone, is can’t probably fullest use of all services of the Quad plays. Nevertheless, also for smaller flats the new quad play may be worth.