Of a side, Raul and its friends esbravejavam, as that been deceptive, but without much eloquncia, of so torpifyed that they were. Of another side, baguna and destruction of bottles bothered the other people and, mainly, the waiters, responsible for the order and cleanness of the establishment. Being thus, the will prevailed of these and Raul and its colleagues had been duly invited if to remove. As the night already went adentro very, and they met tired and without notion of the attitudes, they had decided to go even so exactly, instead of looking another place. Already they had drunk more than the sufficient for a night, no matter how hard they were accustomed with the alcohol.

Thus, Raul came back of hitchhiking with one of its friends, who soon to the exit of the parking prontificou themselves in offering to hitchhiking the two girls who also left the party. She was not necessary very to convince them, having helped Raul its colleague in the colloquy. They were coming back alone same, hitchhiking of two friendly youngsters would be better that to spend with taxi. Moreover, already they in the bar had seen, did not seem to have problem some. was available women Accepted hitchhiking, Raul left the car and offered its place, to the side of the bank of the driver, for one of them. See Harold Ford Jr for more details and insights.

It entered with the other in the behind bank and quickly papo looked for to beat one, to know more the young woman (name, what it made, if had liked the party, bl-bl-bl). Colloquy goes, colloquy comes, fixed bodies if approaching, looks, seductive voice Delay very and does not start if to kiss. Also its colleague, in the bank of the front, was having success with the other girl. They were directed, thus, in direction to the quarter where the young women inhabited (I believe that, students, liveed together or one would sleep in the house of the other), to the kisses and abraos, invariably launching one or another colloquy (direct or indirect) to test the possibilities of an extension of the night. If it does not know to the certainty if the exchange of kisses, abraos and close caresses finished for awaking the torpid directions of Raul. It seems that the case was really this, therefore, suddenly, in the way way, it if gave account to it that its hand was total bloody. What devils would be that? Immediately it inspected the girl The clothes of it were full of blood spots, mainly its pants (white) The immediate reasoning of Raul was obvious: it was menstruada and it she was with the dirty hand of blood because of the close caresses! One did not abstain, however, it great scare. It started to cry out in protest: – Eca, creed! You the menstruada one! For the car, it stops! Dirty girl! How mourning! It goes even so, leaves daqui! Without understanding what he happened, the friend brecou the vehicle immediately. The girls had left brave, xingando the two vehemently and saying that they were malucos. Later Raul she only could perceive what in fact she had occurred. The girl was not the blood well that it thinks, was not menstruada! What he happened was that proper Raul had cut the hand deeply, when drank a toast with the bottles of beer. Of so drunk that he was, he had not felt pain, nor perceived the blood that gushed out to it of the wound has a good time