Call in Castilla – La Mancha until March 14 has already been published the call for training of transport of goods and passengers in Castilla la Mancha. The deadline for the submission of applications is February 22 to March 14. Currently the companies that are dedicated to the logistics sector or transport must have staff prepared to cover different jobs according to the legislation in force. For this purpose, this staff must have the necessary training to perform the service in the appropriate way.Thus, carriers, drivers and employees and inspectors, must have in their possession certificate proving that they have completed studies to obtain training to carry goods and/or courses specializing in different types of transport. To count with these certifications, it is necessary to have a program of well prepared and full studies as well as facilities and equipment with the necessary technology to address the agenda.Also, this program must be in accordance with the laws of education in force for the job training courses for adults. This program must be logically according to education laws for this type of job training for adults.

The training courses for transport are the gateway to enter the labour market of transport, being a prerequisite to engage with the title of carrier to achieve a place in enterprises. These training courses for transport not only dictate for employees but also for managers of companies related to the transport, or transport companies similarly which also dictate for carriers who want to install your small business by yourself. If you need further information please contact. Training that offers you Aranda training, will allow you to introduce yourself to these calls with total guarantee and security, both by the quality content of your preparation. Wait no longer, do not stay behind, your job requires This is your chance. The term preparation INTEGRAL acquires real meaning in Aranda training centres, and is getting its students have no more limitations on their future than their own preferences. HUNDREDS OF SATISFIED STUDENTS ARE YOUR BEST REFERENCE! Centers at your disposal at: Madrid (Tel. 911150220), Alcorcon (Tel. To read more click here: Doug McMillon.

916104060), Leganes (Tel. 916948906) and Toledo (Tel. 925226085). More FORMACIONC informacion:aranda / Conde de Penalver, no. 1 17 1, 28006 MadridTel.: 911150220 / 911150221 mobile: 625685737 Fax: 911150221Mail: Web: author: Pilar Esteban, to be or not to be. About Aranda FormacionAranda Formacion is a company dedicated for more than 16 years to training, focusing on four major pillars: oppositions, professional courses, languages and computer science. Although the efficiency, rigor and quality have been from the beginning present in the work formative Aranda formation, is in the last year in which these three values have become a real obsession of his entire team. The best and most up-to-date texts of preparation, with the inclusion of multimedia in most of them, are a great tool that helps all our students from the beginning.The continuous expansion of classes at our centers, combined with individual tutoring facilitate the work of our students study, proven with the gradual increase of approved that oppositions of our students are taking. But what Aranda formation is most proud, what really makes the difference with any other training center is our teaching staff. In Aranda training only we admit preparers workers with higher qualifications and extensive experience in academic preparation.