Silver by Gottex: Stylish fashion for confident swimmers Zurich, February 16, 2012 – sexy and confident swimmers can look forward: silver by Gottex, a sub-label of the well-known premium beachwear brands Gottex from the cult city of Tel Aviv, is available March in the Switzerland. Cheeky, colorful and playful patterns pimp the stylish bikinis and swimsuits this year the local Sonnenanbeterinnen on. The 2012 Summer collection offers feminine cuts and integrated cups size F, which guarantee perfect fit and sexy curves of the wearer. Fu? r, the confident young Swiss silver by Gottex answered the question to the appropriate swimwear fu? r the summer 2012 with sexy bikinis and Badeanzu?, the colors. Bribe the models the daughter of the well-known swimwear of brands Gottex from Tel Aviv, invariably with stylish tunics, bold and colourful patterns and accessories. Fu? r silver by Gottex we have implemented a young and trendy collection, that of the mother brand of Gottex in terms of quality? t and comfort in anything after.

Thanks to the “Diversity of colours and shapes, she talks a wide range of tastes? ckern to, remains always cool, brave and sexy”, explained? rt Annie Markson, head designer at Silver by Gottex. All models of the summer collection 2012 of silver by Gottex worry with the help of specially designed cups to Gro? sse F fu? r a perfectly shaped neckline? and secure grip in any situation. The models are designed so that every woman can enjoy sunbathing confident and sexy. Get? silver by Gottex is available from Ma? March 2012 among globe and in to? rich at och sports, in Bern for Pedrosa and the Ballet shop in Basel with Michelangelo, in Rapperswil in taboo body & wear or at La Butia shop – Tamina Bad Ragaz. Selected? selected models in the collection of summer 2012 of silver by Gottex are central in the press showroom at Oppenheim & partner at the stockerstrasse 32 in to? rich autowalk? available. Please visit Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX if you seek more information.

More Ausku? revenue Florian Engi. Oppenheim & Partner GmbH David Gottlieb iGlOi AG Tel. + 41 44 515 6500 Tel. + 41 44 780 1313 U? ber silver by Gottex silver by Gottex 2010 learned as one of bad fashion lines from Gottex models Ltd., a global designer and marketer of luxurio?, high-fashion women’s swimwear, a comprehensive relaunch. The brands offered by Gottex, which all the same vision of fashion and quality? t share, include swimwear, lack? cher, bags and accessories. Each line is fu? r lifestyle, a different style and a different price segment. Silver by Gottex is fu? r the confident young woman of today, with their clothing a clear statement give off mo? nights. The swimwear of silver by Gottex of Switzerland is Ma? March 2012 among globe and in to?