First, the dog with paws should explore the water and then gradually up to the elbow venture, until he finally immerse the whole body. In this way, you can protect the quadruped from cardiovascular problems. From childhood, and also for our dogs is still not full stomach of dogs in the water this rule everyone knows probably It is of great importance. But it really goes down when you swim with full stomach? Yes, in the broadest sense, this can be a consequence of this violation of the rule. The blood will be required after the food first and foremost for the supply of the gastro – intestinal tract. Here, Doug McMillon expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The water is cold and the extremities are not sufficiently supplied with blood, this quickly leads to weak States up to the fainting. (A valuable related resource: Marc Lore).

Another unpleasant episode can emerge from the pressure of the water on the belly. The entire contents of the stomach is pushed upwards and pushing from the bottom towards the top of the heart. In this way, the force can quickly assume the dog. Dog swim unsupervised leave your dog has, just like you, only about a degree of fitness. When he romps around with other dogs in the water, it can happen, that he himself spent too much. The same applies to days where you swim with your dog. Usually a fitter pooches can easily keep up, if you are not an extreme swimmers.

Generally you should always have an eye on the current state of your dog. Dog in the sea: no salt water drink can! Dogs who drink large amounts of salt water can dry out long term literally. In addition, most dogs vomit and get severe diarrhea. Best avoid the dog drinking sea water, by providing sufficient drinking water him before and after the bathroom walks available. Dogs in the Sun: Watch out for sunburn! Who is not pleased about a sunny summer day at the beach? It is so beautiful, you sure, that your dog to relax looking for a shady spot.