Dutch masters once again surprised. Not being a venerable producer, the Netherlands is the world second (after Spyker) firm that creates a really cool car. Inspired by the aesthetics of yacht design, engineers Company Bewerp created a car which they said represents a symbiosis of luxurious yachts and sports car. This idea is reflected in the name of the car, Savage Rivale Roadyacht gts. Platform for the first show car was high society Top Marques Monaco Auto Show in Monte Carlo, where the car was positioned as the only four-door supercar, with a folding roof. The road boat "from Bewerp built on the chassis of Chevrolet Corvette Z06. From the American "donor" was also the engine V8, the volume of 7 liters and power of 670 hp and six-speed manual transmission.

But the body has passed a radical redesign of the alteration. The brightest feature of the Savage Rivale Roadyasht gts – that's four opening up the door. Read more from Ashton Kouzbari to gain a more clear picture of the situation. And the rear doors open along with the rear wings. Such design feature greatly facilitates the process of landing, the landing, which the Dutch did not fail to compare with climbing aboard the yacht. Goldfish extended decking "deck" under the feet, replacing traditional mats, and mini-bar between the rear seats, where the chilled bottle of expensive champagne.

Savage Rivale Roadyasht gts boasts another and automatically retractable into the trunk for twenty seconds, folding top, full hardtop. Four interior is decorated expensive leather, alcantara, carbon fiber and aluminum, and can compete with the interiors of the executive class limousine. No less impressive, and the dynamic characteristics car – acceleration to the first hundred takes 3.4 seconds, shutoff is overcome in 35 seconds and a top speed of 330 km / h. The cost of "land yachts" of 340,000 dollars, which is negligible compared to prices for yachts offshore.