I was even more versatile, but less like the typical sports such as football or athletics. Therefore, the studied at the German University is the best thing that could happen to me. Nothing could better fit to my lifestyle and my interests. Now, I am very glad that I have no place for sports science. I give everything for my bachelor’s degree in fitness training”. “” Not because I have, but because I want to. “the dual education system is me!” In the dual education system of the German University, Anita Fenske sees many advantages: the study has a very high percentage of practice because we are in the Studio all day and drive only for the periods of personal attendance at the base. During practical training, we quickly learn to assume responsibility, especially in working with clients in the Studio.

This is me very.”right, the study calls for a high degree of self-discipline and sense of initiative, so not everyone copes. Super works for me. Also, know, practice makes perfect. In addition, it has even offered to contact the remote teacher if you don’t understand something. Students are not completely on their own. This offer can be extremely helpful.” The compact attendance phases, which amount to approximately 20 days per academic year, the 24-year-old is super: I see a great advantage of studying at universities. At universities is often overcrowded lecture halls, since you are one among many. This is quite different to the German University.

We are a small class in my term. So we can work much more effectively in the presence of live and learn. Of course also due to the high professional competence of teachers. With us in the class is always a super mood, we have become a community right. This increases also the motivation and willingness to learn. This is less likely to imagine depending on the course of study at universities. The study of fitness training is equivalent to exactly my interests!” Anita Fenske 2006 consciously decided for studies of fitness training. I have given already classes in the Studio prior to the study. It made me incredibly fun. I have the four Viewed programs. Fitness training has convinced me immediately because a large focus on the training field. I regret my decision any day. The training modules have me in addition to basic medicine”liked most so far. I can implement what I learn in the study, in the Studio directly in my courses. It’s great fun for me, and it’s a challenge for me. “My clients are very satisfied, and I also!” Where is Anita Fenske in the coming years? Her studies will end due to a long illness in the summer of 2010 Anita Fenske. She has still no concrete ideas for their future: it’s all possible. With the knowledge and know-how that we take with us during the three years, numerous options are open to us. See what the future brings! Thanks to the many contacts that I could build up my work in the Studio, initial offers are there.”