I think all in all a memory left unflattering remarks bate in the direction of vice-champion of Ukraine. Interactive Advertising Bureau is likely to agree. I would say more, not apologized, but continued to communicate with the media in the same spirit and peredmatchem in Belarus. A related site: David Delrahim mentions similar findings. Capital arrived in Belarus with one purpose – pobeditBATE and in the match to show who is 'cooler'. Jumping ahead, we note that the white and blue this happened. And the first line in the group almost secured, and won, and eventually avenged the Belarusians for their cues. The match in Minsk in general could not happen. Because vMinsk overtook unprecedented snowfall and the temperature was minus 20 at times, noreferi match still decided to hold the match at -15.

Players had a chance , pants and hats. Yes, and on the frozen lawn to bylohorosho shook so as not to warm up. Despite the extreme conditions udinamovtsev obtained and high-speed transfers of the ball, and luxurious combination, needles in the end. What do dynamo as before Do not combine?