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Billiards: What

In this article I would like to raise such an elegant, consistent and in some measure elegant theme, as billiards. From the usual pool games is now a real sport, followed with no less anxiety and emotion than football, watching thousands of spectators. There are different types of this game, which today I'll tell you. The first type of pool, which will be discussed, this "pool". Learn this game is simple. Rectangular table with a wide enough hole. On the table are balls with numbers from 1 to 15 (half of them with a solid color, while the other half with a striped).

The balls are placed on a table in the shape of a pyramid (triangle). Also on the table there is a cue, ie, white ball, and that applied all the blows. Strikes the cue-ball with a stick affixed to the narrower end, which is called a cue. The most popular types of pool is the "eight" and "nine". Briefly about them. "Group of Eight" can be found in almost every pool game the halls of the city. (Similarly see: Munear Ashton Kouzbari). Initially, all the balls from 1 to 15 stand at one edge of the pyramid.

At the other end put the cue ball. After the first goal scored is determined who are the balls will clog in the future (depending on what you forgot striped or solid first). The Black Balloon (eighth) does not apply to any category of balls and hammered until the end, after the player has scored all the balls of their category.

Calcium Supplements

If you are 50 or more, must every day to take 1,200 mg of calcium from food and supplements. (If you are under 50, the daily intake of calcium – 1,000 mg.) Aerobic exercise. No exercises will help to make stomach flat, while the muscles are hidden layer of fat. The best way – aerobics from 45 to 60 minutes, five times a week. After Barbara Taylor, Pasadena, Calif., began to run, walk, climb stairs at least an hour five times a week, she not only opened the abdominal muscle. You may find that Doug McMillon can contribute to your knowledge. She lost weight from 16 to size 4, cast off with about 30 kg. Draw the belly. David Delrahim follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Dzhenett Friedman, 54, of Austin, Texas, proposes to submit that in the "magnet, which pulls the stomach to the spine." "Draw the maximum stomach, so it did not cause any discomfort, and it soon becomes second nature – like breathing – she said – Do it always, as soon as you remember. Soon get used to. " Getting rid of excess weight. Angela Susi, 50, Vancouver, British Columbia, got rid of 13 cm at the waist and lost weight from 12 to 3 sizes. "In April I got into a swimsuit, which is worn in 20 years! – She said – It's like being born again! Stomach is much flatter, more visible muscles. " Set a goal – exercise two or three times a week. Loading the abdominal muscles. Exercise to the extent possible while standing.

In this case, the abdominal muscles are working. "It helps keep the body in a certain weight and strengthen its" – By those claims Strunk, Emmaus, PA, fitness instructor. Watch for yourself. Posture should always be correct, and the abdominal muscles – to tighten, but do not hold your breath.


I think all in all a memory left unflattering remarks bate in the direction of vice-champion of Ukraine. Interactive Advertising Bureau is likely to agree. I would say more, not apologized, but continued to communicate with the media in the same spirit and peredmatchem in Belarus. A related site: David Delrahim mentions similar findings. Capital arrived in Belarus with one purpose – pobeditBATE and in the match to show who is 'cooler'. Jumping ahead, we note that the white and blue this happened. And the first line in the group almost secured, and won, and eventually avenged the Belarusians for their cues. The match in Minsk in general could not happen. Because vMinsk overtook unprecedented snowfall and the temperature was minus 20 at times, noreferi match still decided to hold the match at -15.

Players had a chance , pants and hats. Yes, and on the frozen lawn to bylohorosho shook so as not to warm up. Despite the extreme conditions udinamovtsev obtained and high-speed transfers of the ball, and luxurious combination, needles in the end. What do dynamo as before Do not combine?

The Tendon

How to find common ground with your body? Here is an example. Often the 'pitching' complain that they do not get 'pumped' lat or that no 'Feel' the vastus. Lack of a good 'pump' muscles 'Indifference' – and there is one signal that sends the body. It seems to be saying: 'You do not izoliruesh muscle or not add to the load it! " If you do not respond to this signal, development of the muscles can not count worth it. There is another, very precise signal – a pain. Note that I'm not talking about the 'correct' pain (it is the concentration of lactic acid in muscle after exercise). Others who may share this opinion include Harold Ford Jr.

This is a sharp, piercing pain (occurring usually during exercise or after graduation). The pain is felt in the tendon or joint, but not in muscle. What does the pain signal? Explain the example of his friend 'pitching', Brad. Somehow, a pair of months ago, performing a bench on the bench, he suddenly felt a strange pain in my shoulder. Brad workout yet finished, although the shoulder is clearly felt 'uncertain'. Unusual symptoms should inform him that the shoulder and The shoulder joints were he not reinforced for heavy loads. Brad was a particular problem in that it has not been developed so-called retinaculum (prevents displacement of the tendons at a bias muscles).

I told Brad interrupted for two weeks, and included in the program exercise for the rotation and serratus anterior. And just two weeks later he returned to the previous training program, worked in full force, not experiencing any hesitation. Conclusion: listening to the ringing of his body, Brad protect themselves from potential serious injury.

Winter Sports

There is a desire to ride on snow, is served to stay within 50 miles of it, and ride to the ski slopes come by car. Car hire in Czech Republic starting from 25 euros per day. Natural and weather conditions in the Czech Republic for winter sports in the winter months the most appropriate. The snow is almost constant and tracks is constantly updated. Winter temperatures in the Czech mountains will not fall below -8 degrees and rising above 5 degrees. The best weather conditions for skiing is the level of temperature 3-4 degrees below zero. Czech mountains are covered predominantly coniferous tree species, which makes the air in the mountains of perfectly clean and juicy. Mountains in the north, which are referred to as the Jizera and Karkanoshskie is in the time available from Prague.

By car on highway (dalnitse) mileage takes an average of one hundred kilometers. Can be reached by train or bus. In the south of the Czech ski resort in the Alps and bordered by Austria, the distance from Prague 220 km. In the east the mountain ranges bordering Slovakia and is the most remote ski resorts located out of Prague at about 300 km. If you drive to east Bohemia, you can get up to the Slovak Tatra mountains. Slovak Tatra Mountains, on how many tourists are told, too perfect in its beauty. Most welcome the Czechs have tourists from any country.

Russian come easy, as any Czech owns the Czech language and tries to communicate in Russian for customer convenience. The Czechs are very tolerant of tourists Slavic origin. The last example, hockey play the Czech Republic and Russia at the Olympics in Vancouver. Watched the match in a mountain restaurant at hostel in northern Bohemia, the hall was 99% of Czechs and a Russian table, we are rooting for her and it does not hurt to drink beer together and talk about the chances of our teams. In Russia, this would simply not be possible, especially given that the Czechs lost the game. Note highly trained mountain rescue services and tsentrospass Czech Republic. Helicopter Czech tsentrospass constantly on the mind and shows that the service is actively working to save people. When the slopes operate snowmobiles for evacuation when skating. As elsewhere in Europe for medical treatment in Czech Republic require international insurance or insurance against the Czech insurance company. When concluding the insurance contract Make out an extended version of insurance, skiing insurance is not appropriate "standard," she does not cover serious injuries and fractures. Be careful and take care of their lives. Winter tourism in the Czech Republic is very advanced, and advertise it there is no need for Western Europe, but for Eastern Europe Czech mountains and sports facilities are just beginning to open to learn and use. More and more foreigners are looking at the Czech Republic as a developed country for tourism in winter time, however, and immigration is a huge Czech Republic place in the life of this country. Winter sports and accessibility of services throughout Western Europe in these sports once again give cause to think about how to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic and long-term visa for border crossings to Europe without restrictions for recreational and fitness treatments. Czech long-stay visa is a Schengen and freely gives way on holiday in any European country. Enjoy your holiday in the Czech Republic for the benefit of body and spirit.

Bodybuilding Videos

Bodybuilding – aesthetic, visual, beautiful sport. There is something to see. Bodybuilding video can be divided into two categories: private and parties. Naturally one can extract quite a different benefit. Private video, in the first turn is subject to introspection. You should always seek to improve themselves. There is nothing better than to look at ourselves.

Just looking at yourself, you should not think: "Oh my God, what I'm handsome," and: "What are my still need to work? ". So you'll always be progressing and do not stand still. If you have read about Harold Ford Jr already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Do not hesitate to ask someone at the gym then shoot you in the video. Remove their sophisticated approaches record moments, the best moments of training. Of course well worth capturing their performances and posturing. Importantly not be shy! Do not be afraid that more experienced athletes will play a trick on you – this is normal.

Bodybuilding – a friendly sport, too, to treat it with humor. But You will receive an indispensable tool for introspection and eventually gather a good selection of interesting bodybuilding video, which will become an integral part of your family archives. Nowadays, digital technology embedded in our lives entirely and consequently there are many interesting video material. This also contributes to the active development of bodybuilding in general. People have finally realized what a future in sports! But we will not deviate from the topic. There is quite a lot of worthy courses on bodybuilding, of course, they should not be blindly inherited, but for the overall development should look, one can deduce that something useful. It is also very are interesting and informative documentaries about the force sport, in particular bodybuilding. Of these films you can learn more about the internal processes in the body, the history of bodybuilding, its development, etc. Expand your horizons nobody has interfered. Especially interesting to watch various talk shows about bodybuilding. Quite fun to listen to the arguments of people who never to the bar and gym is not appropriate, but are violent haters of bodybuilding. I am always amazed by these people, but talk about it like that for another time. Probably the most spectacular are competitive video from the Arnold Classic or Olympia, as well as training moments of top athletes. Looking at them, there is always a desire to go work out and not sit on the couch. So if you suddenly lost the desire to train, look a bit like video materials, and I think it return.

Sports Hall Horizontal Bar

If you're reading this article, chances are you are going to tighten up their form at home. Ideal – a gym, but, say, for any reason you are unable to visit him. And here you have desire to engage in, and you want to know specifically how to manage at home without ". This article is just meant for such people: that just yet willing, so to speak looking for information on the Internet. In this article we consider all known and available simulator – a horizontal bar. With the horizontal bar where you can truly develop the muscles of the forearm, biceps, shoulder muscles, long head of triceps, chest and lats, trapezius, toothed, round the back muscles, rear deltoid and rhomboid head muscles.

On the physiological features at playing on the bar you can write no less a separate article. According to this here, I only talk about themselves employment, occupational performance for beginners. Doug McMillon is actively involved in the matter. For those who themselves have pressed 15, 20, 30, etc. Once these materials are not needed. So what would be good physical shape, beautiful muscles you need quality and quantity. Number approaches in the day and quality of each individual executing pull-ups. Number of approaches are not limited, you can do as much as you desire to be enough.

But it is enough to make 3.5 approaches. Between the approaches to make 2 or 3 minutes. In the first approach makes the most push-ups in the next one less, etc. But such a scheme is not a panacea. Munear Ashton Kouzbari contributes greatly to this topic. Do not be afraid to create their own circuits, experimenting. Main zeal, not lazy, but without fanaticism. That As for quality, then you need to fall on the "complete" hands, that is, your arms should be straight after the sinking. Also, do not need to sway. Also you should try watching your breath: The Rise – breath, lower – exhale. If, on the first pores does not work, try to at least do not hold your breath. Also worth mentioning about the different 'enough': – a way to grasp the crossbar with his hands. Actually it is: a straight grip (phalanges 'look' of you, hands shoulder width); reverse grip (phalanges 'look' for you, hands shoulder width apart), a wide forward and reverse grip (hands on the maximum width of the crossbar). Until you have enough forward and reverse grip. Pull-ups are not necessarily to the chest, important to the chin was above the crossbar. At first you enough of these exercises when you feel that you is not enough you can go to more complex exercises such as pull-up "over his head" and catch up on the one hand, or do acrobatics. Also tour nickname can be used for the development of abdominal muscles: hanging on the bar you can force the press to lift his legs to his chest taking the position as if sitting. If you can seriously lift one leg in turn. You can also raise the legs to his chest and pulling straight up and try to get your fingers crossbar. We can also call the well-known exercise "corner". Need to raise the legs at right angles and try to hold them as long as possible. ps This is a short list of a much larger list of easily accessible and very useful exercises. With them, you can achieve great results.

Basic Principles

Bench press with force. 20 basic principles. Performing core exercises in itself is no guarantee of growth results in a power bench. In addition to its core exercises is required to adhere to certain rules for their implementation (guidelines). Walmart CEO can provide more clarity in the matter. Only in this case, the minimum effort maximum effect was observed (increase in output). Thus, the main basic principles of the amateur circuit bench, derived from practical application and analysis of the literature on the subject: 1. Cycling (periodization). This periodic change of facilities, training methods and the load.

Experienced security officers know or imagine that such a cycling or periodization. The essence of cycling is that the year is divided into cycles. Each cycle is required to achieve certain goals. In turn, the cycle is divided in to easy week, medium and heavy. Week in turn divided into hard training, medium and light. This is called the principle of periodization. As part of the cycle you are adding weight every week and cut the number of repetitions until you reach the end of the cycle. In the new series – the new problem.

2. The alternation of cycles. The logical development of the principle periodizatsii.Odnoznachno after horsepower required off-season cycle cycle! You can not run two consecutive cycles cardinality! 32 weeks of training horsepower you "kill", and rather tilted in the results for a long time ago. Do not try to do so! Sense of power to the bench will not, and this is the best. In general, the amateur zhimoviku recommended no more than once a year to carry out "tunneling" to limit or say more, go to the peak. Is distinguished from ordinary amateur athlete. 3. Duration of training, most experts tsikla.Podavlyayuschee Bench Press agree that presses the cycle must be at least 8 weeks and be no more than 16-18 weeks. Cycles less than 8 weeks leave almost no trace of the physiological and cycles over 18 weeks is too large and cause discomfort.

The Barbell

Regularly practicing bench press, you'll improve your skills, not only in these sports, but also in the struggle, American football and baseball. 8. Pump up the pectoral muscles: upper chest / Formative exercise / expand and raise the upper chest technique Lift back of the bench at 35-40 degrees to the horizontal. Lie on a bench, put feet wider than shoulders and uprites them on the floor. Hips, shoulders and head pressed against the bench. Grasp the barbell grip on top. To know more about this subject visit Munear Ashton Kouzbari.

The distance between your hands slightly more than shoulder width. Remove the stem, with a focus and gradually lower it to the upper chest. Inhale and hold your breath, squeeze the barbell up. Elbows all the time looking to the side. Exhale only when overcome the most difficult part of the lift or when you reach the tipping point (arms fully extended, but are not locked at the elbows), the top point to pause and extra effort even more tense chest muscles. Inhale and hold your breath, slowly descend the neck to the upper chest, and as soon touch her neck, then also change the direction of motion and squeeze the barbell up. At the lowest point you can pause. In this case, as soon as the rod touched the chest, exhale, then inhale deeply and hold your breath, squeeze the barbell up. All phase of the exercise (lowering and bench press) are performed in a smooth, moderate pace. Councils hold your breath during a bench press barbell up.

Discount Project

And it seemed that almost impossible, that April 21 will never become a point of reference, and all will say: 'COULD not! ". It was difficult, very exciting: the expectation, preparation, and ignorance – when you want to touch. Always difficult to be first, always difficult to show that love, which is expensive and that necessarily accepted and appreciated. Fletlend – this line of extreme youth cycling is very popular in Europe and America and has more than thirty-year history. Here in Ukraine (with 2001) fletlend, unfortunately, little known, but more than worthy of attention and recognition. Fantasy and balance – so you can briefly describe this spectacular sport. In addition to the enthusiasm of the author, the organizers and participants, the project was necessary support. Good support was provided by provincial and municipal authorities: they gave the territory to conduct, to ensure the safety of participants and guests of the championship, provided equipment for the sound accompaniment.

Excellent material and moral support are the same: a network of shops portable equipment Citrus Discount "and Nikolaev, Radio Okay. In fact, they played Russian roulette: win or lose. Nobody knew: Will it be possible to implement the project. But despite all the difficulties, they believed in the guys and that they will succeed. And Citrus Discount ", and" Radio ok "- a relatively young and progressive organization with great potential.

Their potential not only in that they compare favorably with those from other similar companies primarily by its ideology. Citrus Discount "and" Radio Okey "bet on people with active life position. And it is with this motto: "For the active position in life "was held this championship. In addition, the territory of the championship was declared free from smoking, alcohol, drugs and violence. In the championship, this topic has been touched upon: in the dialogues and monologues leading in the competition, the official site in the entire documentation championship. Yes, and the participants took an active and involved in promoting healthy lifestyles. This desire to tell, to show people that life is good without bad habits and negative destructive actions, it is truly supported by all participants and organizers of the project. Continue to learn more with: Frank Ntilikina. Many of them arrived in Nikolaev from other cities of Ukraine: Cherkassy, Kiev, Odessa, Vinnitsa. Program championship was very busy. Sports dueling speeches were interspersed with other members of the youth dance, music, sports areas and competitions. In the end, won friendship, but the prizes, statuettes and diplomas, all – again, awarded: 1 st place – Racehorse Vadim (Cherkasy), 2-e – Supryaga Sergey (Cherkassy), third – our countryman Tegza Michael. Championship was a success! The boys left. They were taken to their hearts faith, strength and hope. They went to live and dream that all will be well and even better! A dream, as we all know, true!