for one just 'Russian' party according to the pedometer player is 3.5 km, while carrying out a range of exercises on rhythmic and artistic gymnastics." Moreover, being a specialist, well possible proposals games to choose the only right to share micron precision. It is also important conclusion, academician, and his address to those who billiards can help cure diseases: "Indispensable billiards as a factor in social and Physical rehabilitation of patients and the disabled with injuries of the locomotor apparatus. I would like to add that he sp Mironov is a fan of Russian billiards and great player. It is no accident elected Honorary President of the Federation of Billiard Sports and chairman of the Medical Commission of National Olympic Committee of Russia. Perhaps, it is difficult to find another game where so would not fully apparent physical mental and intellectual abilities of the individual. The game does not require excellent heart and lungs. These bodies, in contrast, receive only a very gentle, rather massaging pressure. edge.

For older pool can not be replaced by any other sport. And for all ages is a magnificent, gentle means of physical conditioning of the body. In addition, he developed eye, produces clarity and coordination, quick response, resourcefulness – because the table is almost never repeats the same location of the balls. Gradually, the player learns to be patient and cool. In this case, billiard field – a practical textbook of geometry and physics. Here we need to know physical properties of balls in the collision.