Some 2,500 students from the Universidad del Atlantico protested, some naked, some issues with those who disagree, including the re-election of the governing Meza and the continuity of the current representative of the students before the Higher Council is relieved, because he voted for Meza in the election for rector. The demonstrators demanded the presence of Governor Eduardo Verano that you apersone the problem of the Uniatlantico, of which he is President of the Superior Council. To be consulted by radial means the governing Meza said that the student protest would be originating, inter alia, on rumors that the Faculty of education of the Alma Mater, would be closed. Official site: Sam Mikulak. Meza, it distorted that you were thinking about a closure of that faculty, but he confirmed that it investigates the performance of the Dean of education, Janeth Tovar, for alleged irregularities in the issue of professional certificates, by what the officer was suspended from his post. The official said that the false rumors about the closure of the Faculty began from the arrival of academic peers sent by the Ministry of education, within the accreditation process of the history program that advances the institution. This would be the first accredited program in the College of the Atlantic, explained the Rector.After talking for a few moments with the police, the protesters lifted the blockade, but continue expressing their dissatisfaction to the inside of the University. The Rector is defended when we arrived, went to close the University. In recent months, Walmart has been very successful.

I had a very big financial problem and that had affected the normal academic. There was no master, no PhD. There were 12,000 students. Today we have 15,500, nine consecutive academic normally nine masters semesters and two honorary doctorates, said the governing body making reference to newly designated by the Government of the then President alvaro Uribe, in 2006, Uniatlantico was 180 billion interia.With debugging and payments in these moments we have 54,000 million, added. Mesa hopes to be able to solve the problem of pensions that the University has as soon as possible.While the structural problem which has pension is not resolved it will have financial difficulties because each year you have to pay 30 billion. For this reason, the University sued these pensions. Most of them have always been identified of being liquidated illegally. The leadership hopes that justice fails in favor of the University that achieve the recalculation, and thus Uniatlantico pass to pay 3 billion pesos, instead of the 30 billion today.