Teachers daily lives of the students lack of motivation, lack of discipline, the behavior of school objectors known to distort the development of together in the classroom, the lack of families, lack of promotion of teachers, apathy and the long period of time spent by management in solving problems, etc. Munear Kouzbari, Dallas TX oftentimes addresses this issue. All of these situations, along with the new way of life have resulted in many teachers sometimes distressing situations that gave rise to disease. The change in society in recent years has influenced the lives of people because they have modified the values prevailing in other historical moments, and these, as guides to action and behavior patterns of people have undergone a transformation since human influence on society becoming agent of change yet patient is subject to the amendments made in it. Moreover, with the traditional family is being more and more often other families with increasingly ambiguous roles. Today there are families consisting of single-parent families with separation and divorce, with children from different fathers or mothers live together in the same household, families whose spouses are of the same sex The family is most often nuclear, disappearing into the lives of children, figures such as grandparents, the right and duty of parents to the education of children are being forgotten by delegating that duty at school, where teachers must assume these functions. In this changing society maestroa a the suffers a loss of social recognition, due in large part by the devaluation of the culture and the current cult of people with great economic power.