December for her – the perfect time to take stock. Although some signs of the Zodiac December would unfavorable, and Virgin are just waiting for the promotion, including the bosses. Gentle Libra December seems too harsh and unfavorable. They will be unhappy with the way the sum of their outer life as well as full year results. Topics at least it was in December could be a month of inspiration and calm quiet domestic happiness, that is, give Libra is exactly what they value most.

Scorpios are so immersed in the depths of his passions and emotions that will not even notice that was their month of November and come December – a month Streltsov. They will be primarily occupied with their love problems and will continually seek his until oderzhut victory. Their adventures may even become a subject of discussion in the press or on television. Never in all year Sagittarians do not feel so strong and energetic as this December. They all will have good luck and success. December – perfect time for Sagittarius, when you can set a goal and achieve it, a lot of travel, travel, meet friends, to exercise their managerial abilities. Sagittarius feels leader, after which people go. Although usually Capricorn avoid public life and tries not to be seen, in December he will have to forget about their modesty.

It may be in the midst of important developments may differ on the job, get promoted or – on the contrary – an unexpected criticism. Everything will depend on his diplomacy and ability to behave properly at the right time. In December, he will need all his skill and acumen to keep their positions. All complexity and emotional storms in December will pass the careless Aquarius, which will be extremely busy with his creativity, his work, his life. Even if he gets a message of resignation, he will treat it with irony and quiet. For a whole year in his soul went undercover and important processes that formed something new, and this inner work for him is more important than what happens outside. Fish will experience some discomfort in connection with the coming of winter. They will be hard to get used to the frost. May cause slight discomfort. But the mood is good in connection with the joyous prospect of rest. But have fun and celebrate the new year, no one may be better than Fish. For them it is truly a creative project, which brings joy to all, and more than most – by Pisces, as it gives an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and capabilities.