Do such planning or programming should lead the following aspects:? Does Pla nteamiento in relation to the subject matter in class, that stimulate students to think, investigate, browse with respect to said theme.? Selection of exercise and adequate resources? Avoid scheduling or planning to be a task of filling columns. You need to think carefully about the exercises that will work and change it in the moment in which the dynamics of the Group tends to be available.? To select an or the resources it is necessary to consider it as an element of motivation for the group.? Should it be an opening of experience.? That the process that develops both in action learning is very similar or has a close relation, which implies that within the development of one stimulates the other and this implies that instruments that possess to boost creativity constitutes precisely the elements we use in the development of the teaching-learning process as they are: content, exercises, resources didactic, which, insofar as organized or reconsideration coherently, will allow to achieve the fundamental objectives in any area of knowledge teaching in general, and in particular of the artistic disciplines. Now you reader after reading these lines do think it is important to teach and develop the creativity of children?.