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In 2010, Formula 1 is going through yet another innovation in the regulations. Because of the stables of the season was increased to thirteen teams, it was decided to change the scoring system. Back in 2003 it was decided to increase prizes from six to eight, and now glasses will give the first 10. This change looks obvious step, but it will work in reality, we learn only in the course of the season. Since 2010, the winner of the Grand Prix will be given 25 points, and for second place twenty. That is, if the previous winner had the advantage of 2 points, then it will continue to be five. The next equally important change – the increase in the number of races. If before the pilots took to the start seventeen times, in 2010 they will spend the 19 stages. ply.

In Formula 1 racing tracks are all added in 2009 and South Korea to Canada. If the Canadian Grand Prix is almost all met with positive emotions, it caused quite a Korean much controversy. Canadian stage will be held after the Grand Prix of Turkey, Korean and Japanese for once. Neglyadya on rumors and other statements, Brazilian Grand Prix will be the penultimate stage, the Grand Prix will once again finish the UAE championship. Loses status of the starting stage of the championship in Australia, this position is Bahrain.

We also will see many famous pilots. For beginners job can be and will be, but most teams need not only fast but also just experienced racers. Return to the paddock after the accident, Felipe Massa, which will be focused more attention. But we can not exclude that there will be any further amendments to the regulations before the start of the season or directly at the beginning.


Even more difficult to identify the use of peptide hormones and their analogues. Michael J. Bender has similar goals. In this class, the most frequently used human chorionic gonadotropin, erythropoietin and human growth hormone (somatotropin). “The actual scope of their use is unknown because of the rapid metabolism and subsequent output in the urine. Even the exact structure of the isolated compounds is usually unknown. There are no relevant internationally recognized reference materials in order to generalize the results achieved by different techniques in different laboratories. Quantitative concentrations found in one laboratory, almost comparable to those obtained in others. It is always difficult to establish a clear criterion to distinguish the exogenous application of (banned) from the normative endogenous concentrations. The structure of the peptide detected must be confirmed by mass spectrometry.

In modern times it requires great effort, although the new technique of ionization, new interfaces with chromatographic or electrophoretic systems and the evolution of ionoanalizatorov will contribute to the solution of this problem in the future (Segura, 2003). “Consumption of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is constantly described as a means to achieve the release of androgenic and anabolic compounds of testosterone, which can be useful to improve performance (power and force) in Sports higher achievements. Consumption of hCG with a corresponding increase in testosterone and epitestosterone its inactive isomer, does not lend itself to existing methods of detection of testosterone abuse, which are based on measurement of the coefficient between the two isomeric compounds (Segura, 2003). Imperfection of the anti-doping laboratory confirmed by other facts. It is known that the IOC has been accredited, and in 2001 – 2003 gg. worked 24-30 anti-doping laboratories. However, they were loaded with extremely disproportionate. In particular, in 2001 the laboratory conducted in Los Angeles 27 436 surveys, Cologne – 10 634, Sydney – 7433, Seoul – 623, Moscow – 997 surveys. This can be explained state of logistics, staffing and other reasons, though, in our view, this situation is not normal.

Olympic Sports

Since its inception, WADA launched a particularly active in several areas: developing agreements with the IFs of Olympic sports on the conduct of samples during the competition and unexpected samples during the preparation process; extension of practice for testing of athletes and tougher sanctions, increase the list of prohibited substances and methods, based the ability of anti-doping laboratories accredited by the IOC; forming its own independent policy of anti-doping activities and to ensure its support from the IOC, NOCs, IFs, governments, international organizations (UN, Council of Europe, UNESCO, etc.). After the announcement of WADA pillars of its activities, it became clear that at least two points lead to serious problems in the fight against doping. First, among many of its activities WADA found no opportunity to allocate the most important – large-scale cooperation with experts working directly in the preparation of athletes (coaches, doctors, scientists, nutritionists, etc.), the creation and development for various sports programs pharmacological model to ensure the training and competitions aimed at the prevention of occupational diseases, more efficient use of functional resources of the body in training and competitive activity, the acceleration reduction reactions, etc. The absence of such direction could not lead to hidden, the ever-evolving a confrontation between anti-doping laboratories, WADA, on the one hand, and between coaches, doctors and other professionals working directly with athletes – on the other. Secondly, the content alarmed last section, which, as experience shows, has become a major activity in the Agency and at the same time the source of most of its problems, as the basis for their work laid the creation of WADA "Own independent policy of anti-doping work," instead of forming common with the IOC and the federations of policies followed by its implementation of WADA. This concept, in our view, the error was bound to lead to formation of an isolated system of doping control, many elements of which could not be in conflict with the interests of not only athletes but also federations, Olympic committees.

His Majesty Elbrus

The sun was shining brightly in the sky above us – not a cloud, cloud numerous lambs accumulated over the ridges and spurs of the Main. Climbed to the snowfields. Steep slope, but shlos confident – his legs seemed to be fused with the shoes, and these in turn with the cats – and a foretaste of the forthcoming meeting with the top gave enthusiasm to move forward and upward. It seemed as if the top is near: had to go around the rock, and that there behind her, I could not imagine. And behind it was once again traverse the snow to the new rock … Impatience overwhelmed. When it got to the cliff and stopped in amazement: climbed up on a broad plateau right was a large and bulk rock, is not reminiscent of the summit, something resembling a vertex, denoted on the left, and there were footprints in the snow. Here I peremknulo: East and it? Looked at Stas.

He pointed the way there, according to trail, and I slowly buried. It was hot, though, is not too strong wind still was not, and it is very surprising. And then I reached the top … It was empty. Heart beat more often, I tagged along to the sign. Approaching and touching his ice pick, dropped to her knees and sobbed from me again sweeping emotions. His Majesty Elbrus again opened its arms to me, wasted on his second summit. Great Oshhamaho, Mount eternity and happiness, it changes people, gives no the incomparable emotion, inspires and makes people happy …

Immunity Training

Before them is not – in organism will actively hormone insulin, and in the classroom you will be lethargic and weak. Fat, protein and fiber before a workout eat as little as possible: they long to digest and deal with on a full stomach is not worth it. Then As and fiber – you need 3-4 hours to the stomach time to get rid of it. Meat, fish, cottage cheese (the products of protein and fat), vegetables (fiber), biscuits, chocolate and cakes (carbs + a lot of fat) before training unacceptable. Of course, to cook porridge with milk or dripping a little oil in the potatoes or pasta is not forbidden. The last remark – about the condiments and sauces. Fatty, you already understood, can be quite a bit. Sharp, alas, provoke thirst, so during the workout you always will want to drink.

That is, after training After training, the general rule: eat for 40-60 minutes, or feel tired for several days. Yes and Immunity decline. On your ultimate goals, too much depends. Want to Lose Weight? On any given day to eat 200-300 calories less than normal (with a day of training is still little more than usual). After the lesson – vegetables and low fat protein (Low-fat cottage cheese, boiled chicken without skin, lean fish for a couple).

Want to pump up muscles? On the day of exercise add 30-60 grams of protein to your diet. After training, eat a "slow" carbohydrates and low-fat protein (cottage cheese with muesli, boiled veal with buckwheat and seafood with rice). Want just a little bit of femininity to gain weight? Calorie-day leave, as calculated (energy of basal metabolism + 400-500 to 200-500 + daily activities on fitness). After workout eat anything consisting of proteins, carbohydrates and fat together: for example, normal-fat cottage cheese and fruit salad with a slice of bread. And finally, most importantly: even the most correct foods must be tasty! No fun no effect will be. Looking for, try, look for yourself.

The Art

We are changing the world and change with it. But in the history of mankind is the place to the phenomenon as a classic. It combines everything that reached a certain level of excellence and worthy to stand before the eyes of all generations of mankind. It is a treasure of civilization, be it music, literature, architecture, tradition or form of combat. Certainly, Fencing has its rightful place in this treasure.

"In the cold arms has an ethical advantage, which lacks the firearms … Blade, gentlemen, this is a mystical creature. Yes, yes, fencing – Mystic noble people. Especially in these times. " Yes, the art of combat and possession of knives has transformed, but not dead. Today, fencing sport but, even becoming a contest, it retains a presence of three types of weapons. A this suggests that the art contest carries a certain kind of knowledge, skills and values. Are they important today? Is it really important? That in addition to titles and awards fencing can give a person? If there is desire to take, then you can get enough.

Do not forget, coming into the treasury of classical music, fencing, by definition, is a treasure. On the first couple need only develop the right attitude to fight, and life begins my eyes. You'll be seeing and understanding what is behind the missed kick or stab and what the price of defeat. What can cause the error and what is the value of training. Fencing provides an opportunity to experience a bout of others, one life for another.

Kyudo – The Great Art Of Archery

Bow and arrows, which served as both a weapon and a tool for the ceremony, mentioned in the earliest chronicles of Japan. Like art itself archery – Kyudo. Early use of bows and arrows in Japan was basically ceremonial in nature, but by the time of a class of professional warriors bow became the main weapon of war. There were two main traditions, one of them specialized in a bow on horseback, and the second on use it on foot. While in the ceremonial use of the bow and arrow you can see the continental Asian influence, the design of the Japanese bow, seems to be local. Japanese bow asymmetrical two-thirds of its length rise during the shot of an archer. This design was developed in order to soldiers horse could use a long bow, since most of the battles waged in the early Japanese on horseback.

The main goal of Kyudo, Art onion, is to make a soldier out of well-aimed arrow, able to operate effectively in combat. This ability lies not only in the physical mastery of technique of fire, but in a balanced combination mental and physical qualities. In his earliest forms of Kyudo was aggressive martial art. But with decreasing importance of the role of archers, which occurred in the first place, because of the predominance of close-in engagements, and, secondly, because of the appearance of firearms, the practical value of Kyudo has become more protective. Nevertheless, the educational value of Kyudo is preserved, and it remains one of the ways of spiritual development.

The first and important in Kyudo – take this yugamae, proper reception, without which effective use of the bow. And although the provisions for shooting a horse and shooting on foot, of course, differ somewhat, they are based on common principles. Both provisions are intended to establish the physical and mental domination (dzansin) hand over their enemy. This condition must be maintained even after the boom is released. In training Kyudo soldier shoots in a special purpose thousands of arrows from a distance of only a few feet. It was only when his shooting technique Kyudo is correct, it starts to increase distance. Shooting method inagasi (deg) was supreme test for the foot archer. With such a firing of an archer was required to maintain a continuous stream of arrows in an hour. The supreme test of horse archer was yabusame, a sacred ritual, which consisted in shooting target at full gallop. Historically been a pioneer Kyudo Nihon-ryu. By the fifteenth century, it inspired the foundation of six other ryu.

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