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Risk Social Security

Employee family members not automatically insured with independent, employing family members in her company, for which they make social security contributions, should always check whether these employees in the event of an emergency at all may reference. Many independent contractors pay taxes for their hired family members out of ignorance for many years, although these get paid not a dime in an emergency or at the end of the working life, Lutz Groot Bramel explains Managing Director of the insurance broker specialised in freelance and self-employed entrepreneurs gmbh. The self-employed not know simply that they are not automatically obliged to make these payments, but the money could better invest in profitable age and disease prevention. Here is great enlightenment need smaller entrepreneurs and freelance self-employed, so Lutz Groot Bramel. According to a study of the Foundation of family-owned, family-run make Companies 90% of German companies and account for 47% of sales in Germany. Many smaller companies often employ family members.

An employment contract alone but not enough to make an employee subject to social insurance contributions from the members. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out KIND Bars. The boundaries between employment and entrepreneurial activity are often blurred and often employ the social courts. Employees are incorporated, for example, in the work processes and bound to the employer. Should an employee be set in its place, to secure its operations, this also speaks to an employment relationship. Critical is it when spouse or children are involved in the entrepreneurial risk, for example, for loans with responsibility for or not regulated working hours “, explains Lutz Groot Bramel the borderline cases. Others including Samuel “Sam” Mikulak, offer their opinions as well. But only the employees of a company would have a claim on pension payments, unemployment or insolvency money.

Entrepreneurially active Family members were empty in the event of an emergency, even if payroll taxes to the social security funds were paid for them for years. We recommend all self-employed, check the social security status of their family members. Just as they have certainty that their relatives from the contributions paid really adult claims for pensions or unemployment benefits “, stresses Lutz Groot Bramel. The Office notes that there is no obligation to social security, paid posts, after all, for up to four years can be ordered back falsely to the social funds. Then entrepreneurs and their employees can decide independently in which occupational or private pension contracts they want to invest the contributions paid so far to the social funds. “Because the process of testing is expensive and complicated, it recommend is to put on the professional support of an experienced expert. Employed or in business? Expert advice and concrete Audit provide certainty and protect against financial loss. Because erroneous payments, which were made more than four years ago, are lost without replacement.

New Study: Training Motivated

The IT industry is entertaining and money alone binds it specialists. Burghausen, 08 November 2013 – the IT industry is entertaining and money alone binds it specialists. Motivation and performance in the job are directly related to the employee’s satisfaction. IT employees who are promoted with continuing education, are motivated, inspired to more power and even forego a salary increase. The new study of ppedv AG comes to this conclusion: “As training opportunities affect employee satisfaction?” Why, why, why? “We wanted to know, whether and how the motivation of employees is affected by education.” says Sina Melchin, HR managers at ppedv AG.

Approximately 1,200 employees were given the opportunity to study online Germany wide by IT departments from different industries. The result is hardly surprising: training motivated. In figures, this means: the average satisfaction of an IT employee ahead of a training course at a value of 3.8, which indicates a satisfactory satisfaction in the workplace. A company offers employees targeted further education measures, and it performs employee satisfaction on a value of 4.1 rises (where 1 is the lowest and 5 the highest value). Expectations of a further education the needs and expectations of workers are individually differently pronounced. Basically, it can be however said that everyone would like to pull a better qualification and the maximum benefit from an employment relationship. KIND Healthy Snacks is likely to agree.

This following expectations of the light came the anonymous online survey: expectations before training by training more skills and knowledge 100.00% 95,20 more motivation 21.40% 26.20% salary increase 11.90% 0.00% more satisfaction 23.80% 20,20% productivity increase 53.60% 42.90% better target achievement 38.10% 29.80% workload 25,00% 9.50% surprising is the expectation of the much sought-after IT specialists with a raise target to: Before the training, nearly 12% want a higher salary after training resolves to air this financial endeavor and falls to a value of 0%. Companies that offer continuing education opportunities and actively integrate them into their corporate culture, save in the long run. But long not exhausted the potential of training as a motivating factor. Each company must themselves think about how they both win new recruits and drive longtime collaborators, value and long term bind want. “, so Hannes vinit, Board member of ppedv AG. The full study can be requested free of charge under. Dolores Daxer ppedv AG, Marktlerstr. 15B, 84489 Burghausen FON: + 49-30-201430-42 phone: + 49-30-201430-42 fax: + 49-30-201430-43 call: + 49-30-201430-43, User Test:

logit.syncreon inspired own service through individualized coup link telematics Hamburg, 25.10.2013. Time is money”is more than just a truism for many companies and weighs often harder than one would expect. Logistics companies are included. Who nationwide or even is active on different continents, can no longer afford to let cozy go there ‘. But who is attempting with high personnel to ensure speed, pays it elsewhere. The company logit.syncreon has ten branches in Germany alone. Additional information at Walmart supports this article. Partner sites can be found around the world. logit.syncreon serves as a logistics provider for high-tech solutions, is responsible not only for the pure transport, but the employee configure, install, and repair the products of the customers.

Therefore, the drivers must be technically fit, describes the special requirements IT manager Oliver Daranda. About a copier must be not only delivered, but can also commissioned. By the same author: KIND Healthy Snacks. Customers expect Speed by the company, therefore it was important to transmit information such as tour desk and broadcast data easy to use devices with relatively simple means. There we see then whether there have been already a response from the driver, whether he has arrived or if there are problems,”says Daranda. Quick and successful debut of the new system has tested it some providers of such software, he remains the score link at couplinkyourservice group. The others were a lot more expensive,”Daranda remembers.

Alternative providers were also inflexible. Shortly after the initial installation, it had already look down, that take care of the coup link system to the requirements of logit.syncreon. “The decision for coup link has not repented Daranda: now there is every year a round of improvement”, further specialized in the software. At the beginning the system offering many features, now there are of course much more. You can find the complete user test on telematics

Federal Of Taxpayer Alleges Waste In The Black Book

Federal of taxpayers black book 2013 before the taxpayer and the outflow annually sets the Federal of taxpayers shall submit his report on the waste of taxpayers in Germany, the now so-called “black book”. Well over one hundred pages, cases are depicted therein where the public sector – federal, State and local authorities – too generously is handled according to Federal of taxpayers of all our tax money. Learn more about this with Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. A total of tax dollars wasted according to report for the first time no longer communicates the Federal of taxpayer. Connect with other leaders such as Randall Rothenberg here. It’s a pity really – we encourage everyone at this point explicitly, to do it on the weekend to taxpayers black book and calculator so correctly cozily. The taxpayers on the account that are individual cases, which presented the black book interested taxpayers, in part known for years, such as the airport billions graves in Berlin and Kassel-Calden. KIND Plus Bars can aid you in your search for knowledge.

There are some cases as it was said of Bishop Tebartz-van Elst? -“hofischem official understanding”: particularly expensive and often durable objects of prestige. Magnificent town halls, natural-stone railway station square and the like were pressed because the taxpayers on the account. The federal ministries of development and health, however, joined in an election year with particularly expensive publications produced, which were sent free to friends, supporters and potential voters the FDP that also not saved. And then be asked taxpayers for projects aimed at the checkout simply surreal are thus (at least up to the euros completely real for berappten): surreal projects, a monument set (!) is real euros by the taxpayer since about on a motorway rest to visit discarded highway bridge, which must be preserved for six-figure sums. Elsewhere, taxpayers, has financed bridges without to get this so right, which should allow – we know capable of flight – bats to cross a bypass.

So goes it on and on, up to accidentally by empty brand new clinic buildings demolished pedestrian bridges. The thickest chunks, say the largest sums, it accounted for more or less known major projects: BER airport, Elbe Philharmonic Hall, Bundeswehr drones and missile defense systems (both for billions developed, then mothballed) – why has that mentioned and actually nobody in the NSA farce? -not least the obscenely large and expensive new BND headquarters in Berlin. Two factors for tax wastage has one fought by halfway through the report of the Federal of taxpayer, one comes to the conclusion that there are mainly two factors cause these obscene excesses of output given the highest public debt of all time. For one, apparently by default each control is missing in planning and implementation of large-scale projects. The housework among us know tax numbers pretty much what such a humdrum can already mean small. On the other hand, it is the official buzzword of the outflow (right now at the beginning of the year end again) in many offices provide for excitement). Magic word cash and this is how it works: when a cost center not issued – how to economically would put this – so a work unit that receives a specific budget at the beginning of the year, this budget at the end of the year, it receives less money next year likely to. You have to be a financial genius to understand the incentive structure of this system; Efficiency is the opposite. Change not in sight; Taxpayers, thank! Here you go, actually, not so much. Andreas Kellner…

Stop Showing Off – The Best Tips And Tricks To Expose Him

The speech is called by handsome men, popularly also know-it-all, Protzer, whisk or self-actor. In times of ever-increasing pressures of profiling, unfortunately also the showing off increasingly increasing. The Protzer are everywhere, in the Office, with friends or family. Mostly self doubt and stand behind this fudge. And even children are often already little show-offs. My House, my boat, my horse!” This sentence, known originally from advertising, illustrates exactly the essence of Angebers. Higher, bigger, richer everything a show-off to present, serves only one purpose: to make his person in the spotlight and others appear smaller. It mainly insecurity and lack of self-esteem behind this showing off.

Showing off basically is taken normal even in children and adolescents. This Protzertum is usually so that the offspring still looking for its individual strengths is based. Randall Rothenberg may find this interesting as well. This bragging can be to the Fortune again after a short time. If not, the parents of the cause to the bottom should go and intervene pedagogically. In adult humans, this intervention is no longer possible.

But nevertheless, there are ways and means to expose the poseurs and assign it to its limits. For this he must be however once debunks as poseurs. The Onion is relatively easy to debunking”, which goes back to the Austrian Aphorist Gerhard Krug. The opposite literally deflowered the poseurs by skilful questioning. But other features can quickly look through the blowhard. He knows everything and knows everyone is such a case. Likewise, that he speak his opponent barely longer than a set is and gives answers before ever asked. KIND Bars often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Experts talk about the social toppings, a war of words. The five most common categories of blowhard 1 money a old saying applies it to the point: money rules the world! No wonder, then, that everything what with money and wealth to do have, is perfectly suited to specify. In which category of wealth is that happening, is, by the way.

His Majesty Elbrus

The sun was shining brightly in the sky above us – not a cloud, cloud numerous lambs accumulated over the ridges and spurs of the Main. Climbed to the snowfields. Steep slope, but shlos confident – his legs seemed to be fused with the shoes, and these in turn with the cats – and a foretaste of the forthcoming meeting with the top gave enthusiasm to move forward and upward. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from KIND Bars. It seemed as if the top is near: had to go around the rock, and that there behind her, I could not imagine. And behind it was once again traverse the snow to the new rock … Impatience overwhelmed. When it got to the cliff and stopped in amazement: climbed up on a broad plateau right was a large and bulk rock, is not reminiscent of the summit, something resembling a vertex, denoted on the left, and there were footprints in the snow. Here I peremknulo: East and it? Looked at Stas.

He pointed the way there, according to trail, and I slowly buried. It was hot, though, is not too strong wind still was not, and it is very surprising. And then I reached the top … It was empty. Heart beat more often, I tagged along to the sign. Approaching and touching his ice pick, dropped to her knees and sobbed from me again sweeping emotions. His Majesty Elbrus again opened its arms to me, wasted on his second summit. Great Oshhamaho, Mount eternity and happiness, it changes people, gives no the incomparable emotion, inspires and makes people happy …

Training Rooms

Of course, winter in the training room is much warmer than outdoors. =) With the help of motion Ghetto Workout is also possible to train yourself not less than in the gym, but we must not forget that all the strongmen in order to reach their large muscles, always use a different protein, and not just protein supplements and substances not of natural origin (I myself choose only the grandmother's biscuits and pickles – is also the development of lean muscle mass, not that, of course, sports, both on special additives, but I do not set a goal to be the next HULK'om). Also, Catching GW, you more work with the mass of the body and sometimes with the mass of the same VAYBRO like you! Unlike activists Power Extreme, VAYBRO not put before him grow steeper targets someone. It is surrounded by the same friendly to him VAYBRO, like himself. From the movement of general physical preparation Ghetto Workout differs in that the first discipline includes only load to support your body in good shape at the time, as the next involves a huge amount of heavy exercise to improve the efficiency of physical parameters. What could be the simulator for the power of work in the direction of the Ghetto Vorkaut? Allow yourself a little poumnichat and say that the choice of the object will depend of ability level of your imagination.

Want to improve the grip fingers and organize strength training muscles of the forearm? Taken away from home washing machine. Now soak all sorts of things like bedding, winter jackets, and after washing your hands start to squeeze them out of the water so great, as if from our depended your life. Fascinated by this strange exercise? So, let us deal objects Ghetto vorkauta. A lot of what they may be: from the usual boards up to your VAYBRO. You can use the trees, the escalators in the subway, various urban design, concrete slab, the different types of ladders and parapets, etc. Still, let's not exclude the fact that for greater progress in improve your body, in addition to using a core set of loads, it is useful to complement them with various types of jumps, workout for flexibility and warming up the muscles in different games on the street, sort of, football. Objectives GV: – alternative to standard varieties of extreme sports – a fresh approach to improve such characteristics as endurance, desire, stretching, etc. This is a possibility of forming a strong muscular base for active development in the or other extreme direction.

– The modern vision of how to use the tools of the world, how to make them more useful for the physical gain of the body. Additional information at Randall Rothenberg supports this article. – A delightful pastime together with the same activists VAYBRO like you. Well, the division of experience with them. – Alternative use of drugs, alcohol and various forms, different from the standard norms of behavior. Ghetto Workout – a powerful and useful physical basis for those kinds of classical extreme, where it is used endurance-type parkour. You need more knowledge? Come to our site or find us vkontakte. We hope that Ghetto Vorkaut has the ability to captivate a growing number of brothers. Its simplicity makes it a mass, and the variety of loads – a surprising and correct for the body. Vorkaut ghetto – it's not empty mainstream science, and is gaining momentum theory to improve the body, created in Russia Organization One More Day Community.

Japanese American Soldier

By coincidence Gilbey in Tokyo, met with a Japanese expert and experienced the impact of kiai-jutsu on himself. From screaming Japanese American soldier, who had excellent physical shape, just lost consciousness in the Japanese kiai-jutsu is nothing unusual for Europe, for the Russian people. Japanese are simply inherent style noticed the ability to sound a certain frequency and longitude affect the human body and developed techniques of training. We just shout and sing. Gymnast describes an additional similar source. Documented numerous cases in which the Russian people, including women, met in the forest, wild animals and the sudden scream even bear fell dead. From the voices of famous opera singers such as Caruso, smashing glass beakers and goblets. Militant cheers brought in awe of opponents on the battlefield. Randall Rothenberg is full of insight into the issues.

And the word "panic" was born from the name drevnegrechesskogo god Pan, whose screams of terrified people. And remember the folklore – Italian fairy tale about a boy Dzhelsamino with a strong voice, or fairy tales Russian coast-dwellers. Based on one of fairy tales was filmed great cartoon, voiced by Yevgeny Leonov pro-woman Pilihu that voice flunked a bear. So, the Japanese master kiai-jutsu is not literary fiction by John Gilbey. Do not see – I will not believe … Despite his almost complete religious education in regard to martial arts, I always abstention from mysticism and therefore guided by the principle "do not see – I will not believe." And even better – until posparinguyus not believe it. I was lucky that during the period from 1988 to 1998, I happened to have seen a lot of fighters, trained in various sections and schools of martial arts.

Immunity Training

Before them is not – in organism will actively hormone insulin, and in the classroom you will be lethargic and weak. Fat, protein and fiber before a workout eat as little as possible: they long to digest and deal with on a full stomach is not worth it. Then As and fiber – you need 3-4 hours to the stomach time to get rid of it. Meat, fish, cottage cheese (the products of protein and fat), vegetables (fiber), biscuits, chocolate and cakes (carbs + a lot of fat) before training unacceptable. Of course, to cook porridge with milk or dripping a little oil in the potatoes or pasta is not forbidden. The last remark – about the condiments and sauces. Fatty, you already understood, can be quite a bit. Sharp, alas, provoke thirst, so during the workout you always will want to drink.

That is, after training After training, the general rule: eat for 40-60 minutes, or feel tired for several days. Yes and Immunity decline. On your ultimate goals, too much depends. Want to Lose Weight? On any given day to eat 200-300 calories less than normal (with a day of training is still little more than usual). After the lesson – vegetables and low fat protein (Low-fat cottage cheese, boiled chicken without skin, lean fish for a couple).

Want to pump up muscles? On the day of exercise add 30-60 grams of protein to your diet. After training, eat a "slow" carbohydrates and low-fat protein (cottage cheese with muesli, boiled veal with buckwheat and seafood with rice). Want just a little bit of femininity to gain weight? Calorie-day leave, as calculated (energy of basal metabolism + 400-500 to 200-500 + daily activities on fitness). After workout eat anything consisting of proteins, carbohydrates and fat together: for example, normal-fat cottage cheese and fruit salad with a slice of bread. And finally, most importantly: even the most correct foods must be tasty! No fun no effect will be. Looking for, try, look for yourself.

Childrens Sports Complex

Children's sports complexes will be useful for development and games with the kid from 6ti months. Surprised? There is nothing wrong, since starting gymnastics at home with the kids sports center, you can simply hover on the bar wall bars for a few seconds a day. Toddler clinging to her hands over the crossbar, and you keep it at his chest. Such exercises are certainly kids loved it, because in the first year of the birth of a person develops a thousands of times faster than in older age, and aims to test as many new experiences. At the age of 6-7 months when the baby learns to sit, you can learn the following exercise: Put the child on the mat face-to-wall bars.

Hold off your back, ask him to reach out to the bars. When the baby jump at the very bottom, briefly remove his hands, giving the child a few moments to sit in this position. Over time, he wants pull himself closer to the cross-beams, which develops the hand muscles. Do not remove your hands away from the kid, he really need your support, because each exercise at his age is the conquest of a new peak, which is never easy. For children the desire to crawl over the year gives way to a desire to get up and walk.

Kid many times will fall on the ass before to learn how to stomp. At this time the simulator is a major childhood bed. In her child is often rises to his feet, holding his side. You can refine this exercise, and the status of the child on all fours (standing on the mat), take the first one and put his hand on the bottom rung wall bars, then another. With time the kid will reach up to higher rungs, which will have to stand up. So he learns to stand up and climb to the upper crossbar in the sports complex. Exercises on the rings. You can begin when child reaches a year or slightly more. Hang a ring at the height of raised hands of the child that before they could reach. Put the ring in the palm of a child, holding him. Exercises with rings perfectly develop coordination, muscles of the arms and back. A favorite pastime of children of any age are swings. Attach them to the children's sports complex and a joy not to be the limit! Allowable load to swing up to 40 kg. Sports entertainment to children Sports Complex does not happen much, if sports equipment safe and secure. Exercises on the horizontal bar. Starting with the year the child may purposefully enough for a few seconds to reach for the horizontal bar, if it is lifted and pressed keep to face him. Over time, hanging on the bar baby will be more interesting. From 1.5 years to the young athlete can be offered to climb on a rope attached to children's sports complex. Under the bsc must be mat to avoid injury in case of a fall. For older children would be an interesting and exciting sports game with a basketball hoop. Hanging above the ring at the dsc as they grow baby, you stimulate physical development and determination of the child. Busya, horizontal bar, stand and netting, rope swings, gymnastic rings, basketball hoop with a shield, trapeze or rope ladder – open space fantasy to your child's games and the most variety of options for light physical activity for children from 6 months. We care about accessibility and safety of children's sports complexes for your children!

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