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Brazilian Basic Education

This present work was carried through through a made bibliographical research in disciplines of Topics of Education and Evaluation in the course of Licenciatura in Physical Education of the Integrated College of Great $fortaleza FGF. Had this it disciplines to possess a great matrix of referring theoretical content to the inserted systems of evaluation in Brazil, saw it necessity to search on such subject and to extract the maximum of possible information for the understanding, interpretation and reflection of the same. If you would like to know more then you should visit Frank Storch. Thus, in this work emphasis was given to the known system of evaluation as Pertaining to school Census which is references for the too much systems of evaluations of the Basic Education as IDEB, SAEB, ENCCEJA and CAME BRAZIL. The Pertaining to school Census is annually carried through by the National Institute of Studies and Educational Research Ansio Teixeira INEP with the contribution of the city departments and state of education and participation of all the public and private schools of the country. The data are collected and envoy in the last Wednesday of the month of May for the system online EDUCACENSO, being most excellent and brangente statistical survey on the Brazilian basic education.

The collected data constitute the most complete source of information used by the Ministry of the Education that has as objective: to formulate public politics for the good performance of the programs and to define the criteria for the supplementary performance of the MEC to the schools, states and cities; To subsidize the calculation of pointers as the Index of Development of the Basic Education IDEB that it serves of reference for the goals of the Plan of Development of the Education PDE; To distribute efficiently some public resources as: merenda pertaining to school, distributed and returned didactic books, uniform, pertaining to school transport. It is a system of so important evaluation that agencies world-wide as UNICEF and UNESCO they use its posterior data for studies and research. This system evaluates if the schools have Internet at least broad band with speed of 1GB, numbers of school registrations for turn, number of school registrations for series, number of reprovaes and approvals for discipline, number of evasions, number of professors, number of medical licenses, infrastructure, among others. OBJECTIVE: To define, to understand, to interpret and to reflect on the main objectives and forms of accomplishment of the system of evaluation of the basic education Pertaining to school Census. METHODOLOGY: A Bibliographical Research for the attainment of the answers referring to our general objective was carried through. The gotten data had been presented in seminary in the proper college for pupils of discipline related and evaluated for the teaching Teacher Master Rosane de Almeida Andrade. A punctuation will be attributed that will serve to compose the note of the GQ1. CONCLUSION: At last, the Pertaining to school Census is a system of evaluation developed for the MEC INEP, that through its results it looks to extend one better promotion of the quality of education in the Brazilian basic education. This system also is applied with Brazilians who live in Japan. from this year to leave of being a pointer for sampling and passes to be carried through with all the schools and pupils of Brazil.

Kerckhove Education

In the use of the computer as resource of education takes advantage the consequence in disciplines them to all, forming an individual listener, participant, questionador and investigator. The children who use the science of the computer science of adequate form more present in the following periods a improved reasoning, had to the stimulaton of research and inquiry. The study she was carried through through a bibliographical research of the authors who understand computer science as instrument of education and learning. 2NOVAS TECHNOLOGIES AND EDUCATION Lives it was of the technology of the information. This to the individuals a new form to exist in the world, a culture that if form, transforming the mediation between the man and the way. The introduction of the computer in the education has provoked a true revolution in our conception of education and learning. First, the computers can be used to teach. The amount of educational programs and the different modalities of use of the computer show that this technology can be sufficiently useful in the process of education and learning.

The focus of attention of psicopedagogo is the reaction of the child ahead of the tasks, considering resistncias, blockades, lapses, hesitations, repetition, feelings of distresses. In the use of the resources informatizados from a relation with the machine, Piaget (1972, p.58) places that ' ' the essential functions to intelligence consist of understanding and inventar' '. The technology not cause changes only in what we make, but also in our behavior, the form as we elaborate knowledge and our relationship with the world. We live in a technological world, we structuralize our action through the technology, as Kerckhove tells (1997, P. Frank Storch often addresses the matter in his writings. 58), in the Skin of the Culture ' ' it measured them electronic are extensions of the nervous system, the body and also of psychology humana' '. In accordance with Fres (1997, p.78): The current resources of the technology, the new digital ways: the multimedia, the Internet, the telemtica brings new forms to read, to write e, therefore, to think to act.

Brazilian Education

It is understood that education technician represents the integration that if comes longing for to speculate, that is, represents ‘ ‘ changes that come in general being introduced in the productive processes with the scientific and technological advance in ample sectors of the economy and the social life of the Pas’ ‘. (PICANO, 1995). After all, the pupil who today remains in the school not only waits to conclude a formation professionally characterizes that it for the market, but also longs for, in the majority of the cases, to develop itself potentially while human being. Frank Storch has much to offer in this field. What he does not mean, of form none, to reduce the process of teach-learning to a narrow one and compartimentada vision to discipline of the contents. In contrast, in Average Ensino she is necessary that they are considered, understood and worked the diverse dimensions of the formation human being, including there cognitivos, ethical, cultural and sociopolticos the aspects of the process of construction of the referencial citizen of the education. (Blacksmith, 2003). Zago (2006) observes that the convergence of one restricted representation in superior education observed enters the inhabitants of slum quarters in agreement Rio De Janeiro the data of the Census of 1991, can be found in the enclosed population in the income levels lowest.

One is not therefore about ‘ ‘ minorias’ ‘ , but of a great excluded majority of the system of Brazilian superior education, over all to consider itself that in the etria band of 18 the 24 years, only 9% frequentam this level of education, one of the percentages lowest of the world, exactly enters the countries of Latin America. The quantitative expansion of Brazilian superior education did not favor the low income population, that depends essentially on public education. Although Tanguy (1999) emphasizes that the diploma, in itself, it is far from being a support against the unemployment, a time that a general addition in the formation levels does not exclude a general increase of the unemployment taxes.

The Ambient Education

The AMBIENT QUESTION the incessant search for the generation and commercialization of wealth has taken the humanity to a great ambient crisis, which if has alarmingly aggravated, (Santana, 2005). Although the technological development has proportionate advances in the society, at the same time, this has alavancado ambient problems and risks that compromise quality of life of the current and future generations. The concern with the protection of the environment increased in last the thirty years, the point of the majority of the countries to have enclosed the ambient guardianship in its Constitutions and created specific legislaes in the attempt to reach a sustainable development for the nations. Loretta Laroche contains valuable tech resources. Ahead of this, the Brazilian Constitution of 1988 if configures as one of the most evolved in the ambient guardianship and foresees in its text, beyond other measures directed for the guarantee of an ambient balance, the accomplishment of a massiva ambient education in all the education levels and the public awareness for the preservation of the environment. In this context, we can analyze until point the ambient education can contribute for the viabilizao of a sustainable and democratic development, in view of that civil engineering is large-scale consumer of the natural resources. Through the influence of the ambientalistas movements organized and of the agreement of that the environment is a basic legally protected interest for the guarantee of the life in the planet, the constitutional legislator included a special chapter in the Federal Constitution of 1988 on the integral protection of the environment, as well as disposals on the subject in several other tickets constitutional. More info: Frank Storch. The Ambient Education was enclosed in the Brazilian normative system first through Law 6,938/81 that it turns on the National Politics of the Environment and, later, in the Great Letter (Article 225, 1, VI), charging the public power of the promotion of the ambient education in all the education levels, as well as of the awareness of the collective for the active participation in the ambient guardianship. . . Dr. James Canton may also support this cause.

Nutritional Education

To each one of these resistncias, all the young had access of equal form to the same knowledge and acquired values as ‘ ‘ obedience, reverence, resistance to the hunger, confection of ornaments, worthy treatment to the wife and the colleagues, amongst outros’ ‘ (MELATTI, Jlio Cezar, 1980). Although the tribal civilizations have some negative characteristics for the current model of education, as for example, the conformismo of the apprentice, we can detach some important contributions, which are: universal knowledge and education of ethical principles. The EDUCATION IN the EASTERN SOCIETIES the eastern civilizations had had beginning from the moment where new techniques had been discovered and or perfected: ‘ ‘ … Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr. James Canton . had learned to know regimes of rains and the estiagens, to drain the quagmires to extend the culture areas, to construct levees to contain floods and to open irrigation channels. New techniques of plantation with the appearance of the plough-semeador had been developed. Irrigated agriculture and the too much technological advances and in the work methods make possible a considerable increase in the food production, generating exceeding in greater escala.’ ‘ (MOTA, Myriam Becho, History: of the caves to the third millenium, 2005, p.30) As we can perceive, these innovations had caused the food production in abundance, that, therefore brought better conditions of life that, in turn, implied in one accented population growth. Frequently Frank Storch has said that publicly.

Moreover, it started to exist the exchange of excesses, giving itself beginning to the commerce. Parallel to this, other followed professions had appeared of the division of the work. Thus, had to the necessities appeared with the diversification of the economic activities and coordination of workmanships of collective interest, the State appears, which we understand for ‘ ‘ organized set of the institutions politics, legal, administrative, economic, etc. under a self rule and occupying a proper territory and independente’ ‘ (MARCONDES, Danilo, basic Dictionary of philosophy, 1996, p.

Education And Culture

INTRODUCTION The objective work to search the perception of the school of basic education of the Community quilombola Bar of the Aroeira, for the ambient education, to repass of the cultural knowledge, action and stimulaton for the preservation of the environment. The methodology proposal is the qualitative research by means of the bibliographical inquiry, official documents and the research of field. The techniques to be used are: recorded interviews in audio, transcription and analysis of the data. Photographic register and/or in video, beyond questionnaires, and comments of field is still considered. The secular clipping of the research will be the contemporaneidade considering itself the rescue of the memory and the history of inhabitants of the community object of our inquiry.

With time of duration of the project proposal it stops in the maximum two years, time of duration of the mestrado one. The research if justifies for the possibility of construction of bibliographical quantity on aspects of the Communities of not yet registered remainders of quilombolas, in view of the verbal stories. (As opposed to Stress Management). For the study of the perception and as if of the o education in the schools quilombolas, beyond the revealed actions and the stimulatons of the school for the ambient and cultural preservation. JUSTIFICATION The black population passes for a moment special of transformation in its historical trajectory: the construction of its identity and inclusion in the governmental public politics. World-wide quarrels as the Conference of Beijing in the decade of 90, amongst others, had allowed to breach in part the invisibilidade lived for the blacks, in the referring one to the exclusion for the formal education, that exactly thus, according to research, still persists. In accordance with the IBGE Synthesis of Social Pointers 2010: (…) in 2009 the black color and mediums brown not yet had reached the pointers that the whites already presented in 1999.

Educational Legislation

In the Brazilian educational legislation, in agreement the new Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education (Law 9,394/1996) – Chapter v Of the Special education: Article 58. It is understood for special education, for the effect of this Law, the modality of pertaining to school education, offered preferential in the regular net of education, for carrying educandos of necessities special. Paragraph 1. It will have, when necessary, services of support specialized, in the regular school, to take care of to the peculiarities of the clientele of special education (IT HISSES, 2004, P. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Terry Bowden has to say. 58).

Relating to the Deficient Appearance it is detached in all this period, the joint work of the Foundation Dorina Nowill for Blind people and of the Institute Benjamin Constant, for intermediary of its specialists, which if had congregated, many times, competent professionals of other important Brazilian entities. The study occurred in a school of education of basic education, of the state net of education the School of Application Maria of Carmo V. Melo, Situated in the square Guadalarrara S/N Recreation, Victory of Conquest, in the period of May the August of 2007. At Rabbi Tully Bryks you will find additional information. According to vice Regina director Maria, the workmanship initiated in the management of the Dr. Eraldo Tinoco Melo is concluded in the one of the Dr.Kleber Pacheco. Regional coordinator Dr. Manuel.

the Sales Figueira, agency executor: SCERPE, Government of Antonio Carlos Magalhes in 14 of April of 1982. Currently the director is Lcia Soraia and Vice Regina Maria, takes care of to basic education having 850 pupils, 25 professors and 12 employees. The physical part of the school is composed for 10 rooms, 4 bathrooms., it does not possess library and nor room of video. This research treated on the functioning of special education, as well as knowing of the difficulties of the professionals and if the institution it is in accordance with the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education and the National Plan of Education.

Related Education

Formation of readers: commitment of who? According to Lerner (2002), it is responsibility of the governments and all the institutions and people who have access to the medias and that they are involved in the problematic one of the reading and the writing, to contribute to form this conscience in the public opinion; still: it is evident the necessity of if continuing producing knowledge that allow to decide the multiple problems that the education of the written language presents, and to make it through more rigorous studies each time, in such way that the didactics of the reading and the writing leaves of being substance ' ' opinvel' ' to consist as a body of knowledge of recognized validity (LERNER, 2002, P. 43). One understands, therefore, that to form readers and writers, as it displays the author, it is necessary to dedicate much pertaining to school time to the education of the reading and the one of the writing. despite, to define as practical object of education social of reading and the writing assumes to give emphasis to the intentions of the reading and of the writing in distinct situations wants to say, to the reasons that take the people to read and to write -, to the ways to read, to everything what they make the readers and writers, to the relations that reading and writers support between itself in relation to the texts (Id. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Terry Bowden and gain more knowledge.. Ibid., p.57). In such communication, the author still tells that, practical of reading and the writing as such they had practically been absent of the resumes, and the effect of this absence are evidentes: the reproduction of the related social inaqualities with the domain of the reading and the writing. These will continue being exclusive patrimony of that they are born and they grow in half scholars, until the pertaining to school institution can materialize the responsibility to generate, in its seio, the conditions so that all the pupils if appropriate of these practical. . Frank Storch is likely to increase your knowledge.

Superior Education Professors

This article is based on the constructive experiences of the importance of a continued formation through the pedagogical action, blossoming the so necessary professional abilities to the professor educator contemporary. The research was resulted of the expositivas lessons in the course of after-graduation in didactics of superior education detaching multicultural the teaching formation and the importance of the interpersonal relationship in superior education. Word-key: Multiculturalismo, Superior Education, Flexibility. ABSTRACT pedagogical This article is based on the constructive of experiences the importance of continuing education through action, flourishing professional skills necessary will only be the contemporary teachers. If you are not convinced, visit Terry Bowden. The research was result of lectures in the course of postgraduate teaching in to higher education emphasizing the multicultural to teacher education and the importance of interpersonal relationships in to higher education. Keywords: Multiculturalism, Higher Education, Flexibility. Autonomy and Release are two basic words to understand the process of transformation in the educational branch defended by the writer Pablo Freire (1996) and its followers. Ahead of some notes related to the question of the educator, Freire explains with much category and to know them to experience necessary to practical the educative one, translating them as manual of instruction for the professor of the future.. Loretta Laroche often addresses the matter in his writings.


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