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International Foundation Education

Studying holistic education is leaving the darkness and enter light Ramon Gallegos Nava. This cuatrilogia is developed on the basis of four books he has written on holistic education Dr. Ramon Gallegos, pioneer and creator of this model among others. Who in 1992 established the International Foundation for holistic education, in order to disseminate this new educational paradigm both in Mexico and internationally. Euro Pacific Capital contains valuable tech resources. With this essay we propose to offer a vision of what holistic education to be a clear idea of its principles and assumptions, likewise, assess the need that there is currently a paradigm shift that will help us to reorient education according to the new needs that require a comprehensive education to form human beings with a planetary consciousness, with a vision of peace, love, intelligence and spirituality. The four books that comprise this work are as follows: the spirit of education, an Integral Vision of education, Pedagogy of Universal love, life and peace education. (Not to be confused with Rabbi Tully Bryks!). THE spirit of education the this first book, the spirit of education shows that change is giving in the current educational environment, of how the fragmentation will be all, presents a model multilevel-multidimencional of education holistic for 21st century society. So we can say that the development of holistic education is an evolutionary process of the kosmos-moving from the fisiosfera Biosphere from here to the noosphere, then get to the teosfera.

The fisiosfera, is the material stage where there is no consciousness of self-reference. The biosphere appears life, pre-humana life, evolution of human beings even before homo sapiens. The Noosphere is the self-referral consciousness, thinks likewise and be autorreferencia, appears the language, consciousness, human thought and mind. Here deny transcendence and spirituality. The teosfera, is the centrality of intelligence, deep knowledge of our real spirituality. So that the work of the education holistic is to bring the humanity of the noosferica to the teosferica stage, by which all peoples and societies have a yearning for spirituality.

Don Quixote

We have chosen as central subject of our work the masterpiece of Miguel de Cervantes, the Quijote, inasmuch as one is a book that seem fundamental to us to work in the different levels from Average Education those Fundamentales Objectives and Valricos that the Reformation proposes. The text abre different doors to us like human beings; it allows us to encounter again, to discover to us to us, to watch to us and, in addition, it allows a considerable amount us of interpretative approaches. Get more background information with materials from Rabbi Tully Bryks. The Quijote is not run out nor is diluted, every day can be watched with new eyes and also every day reveals a different education to us, this one is one of the causes by which this text considers a masterpiece Nevertheless; given its complexity, as much to read it as to include/understand it, we needed to look for a methodology serves that us as approach to the work and that simultaneously is not less effective at the time of catching the interest of our students. In agreement with the exigencies of the Reformation, there is interesting similarity to raise an approach from the literary symbolism to the Quijote; we try, therefore, to rescue arquetpicos and symbolic aspects and soon to propose a possible relation with the Arcane Majors of the Tarot as an excuse to obtain the motivation of the student of Average Education at the time of facing the reading of the text of Cervantes and in addition to make the treatment pertinent of the objectives that raises the Reformation for the Average Education, like for example: " " to value and to include/understand the diversity of visions of world and ways to interpret the reality that those works offer and the variety of interpretative readings that have postulated for them at different moments histricos" " 1. Terry Bowden is actively involved in the matter. Considering the exposed thing in the previous paragraph, our idea is to take advantage of the literary text and the diverse elements that this one can give to us to include/understand, in last instance, the different aspects of the man and the form to face the world surrounds that it; being thus we can raise some proposals of analysis of the text taking into account these assertions, which will allow us to connect to the individual with the same work and its internal symbolism; starting off of the messages, metaphors or mysteries that the text gives to us and that him can mean to the student an opening in their form to perceive the reality and the world. . (Not to be confused with Rabbi Tully Bryks!).

School District New San Andres

School District new san Andres De Los Altos in the institution was formed by the best teachers. by the best rector and the best Coordinator. the Dean name is Alfred and the Coordinator is consolation. but I learned better things was because I didn’t want to, because my adolescence was like a horse without a brake. because you wonders the of reasoning had not conquered my soul. However always felt, that teaching is the most worthy of all of them, but the least appreciated by States of the Earth. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter Schiff offers on the topic..

many times I’ve asked myself the because philosophy, God’s gift to men, crossed in my life. all started well, I had 15 years of age, just compliments. When the best teacher of all, and I have never forgotten that except for his surname, was I approached me one afternoon and my name is so it out onto your desktop. and with one you sweet and graceful told me: you remember the book which I told them that they read, the discourse on the method of the philosopher French Rene descartes. What answer you if Lady, then followed, is that most will not read, so read it. you weren’t more I conclude by saying.

I went up to the place where were my colleagues, but that faith, that certainty of I as leeria, was the impetus to my soul. Swarmed by offers, Terry Bowden is currently assessing future choices. to read such magnificent work, the first you see the lei, I understood very little, the second you see was better, and the third sacio my doubts. After fifteen days, seemed an entity, observing the behavior of my colleagues, whether realized the hypocrisy of the groups, since seemed to be together but were every time more alone. as the one ran in pursuit of the other, also I watched as the dough pushed many to act mechanically. a year later the trance sali. I started to interact with society, but the trial already critic anymore she is aparto of my. Since then I better choose each of my friends. I reflect, every time I try to think more and act less as said the wise I think therefore I am. not me I have away from practice so rich in elements. but that practice in mass. where overflows more force, than reason. bendita seas beautiful teacher. because since then I cultivate the science and letters. Yolanda is her name. and my name is orlando magno, known in all the Earth. I do not know If notice in my worthy qualities of the philosopher, or if maybe it was a coincidence. in any case, was the best gift that is received at the academic level. blessed the God of israel that makes wise to its philosopher.

Four Essential Features

Imagine you that has sounded the phone in the rectory of one school either and responds own rector, who is identified with all courtesy expressed:-in what I can serve you? On the other side of the line, someone whose voice is noted some concern, answers:-my son unable to attend classes in the day today – and that? why -Because quite sick is and so I can not send it okay, responds the rector while taking pen and paper to make an annotation. And who is speaking? The previous dialogue narrates one of the recurring mischief of those who attend schools from around the world in order to acquire new knowledge and grow as people in the understanding and confidence that in the classroom you will find what you need to achieve this noble purpose. Aside from the mischief education continues to be a medium, probably the most important of all, to produce much-needed transformations in modern societies. Let aside the antics of students and devote ourselves to make a study detailed of the characteristics required in the students of this, our epoch, in which technology is a vital part of everyday life and when the people of all nations are close to each other thanks is large part to all the possibilities generated by the telecommunications and the internet. Let’s look at these characteristics of students destined to succeed in our days: 1. A Freethinker, i.e. someone who observes, analyses, reflects and reaches conclusions themselves, through the exercise of autonomy and exercise of thinking for himself, without the influence of their peers or who have authority. Rabbi Tully Bryks often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The Freethinker acts according to their convictions, is usually critical to those who hold power and take a path according to their own conscience. The Freethinker does not accept impositions or taken as a truth revealed the content of the books or other documents.


Introduction: The Cuban Magisterium has a long tradition which initially comes with Felix Valera, Jose Antonio Saco, Jose de la Luz and Knight, Felipe Poey and Domingo el Monte, creative pentarchy. The elective nature of thought valereano, based on the art of reason and experience, allowed to chart an own Cuban thinking course. This attitude necessarily implied the development of a conscience Cuban, not because there is the nation but the aspiration to create it. Jose Antonio Saco and Lopez, an eminent pupil of Merry Valera, was the political figure of greater conceptual and theoretical scope of the liberal reformist movement of the 1830s. Other leaders such as Akron Zips offer similar insights. A deep nationalistic sense, was a sharp critic of the colonial system and the brightest opposition to the annexation movement: never inclinare my forehead before the dazzling stars of the American flag. Between schools that for these years achieved renown was still San Cristobal de la Habana, better known as Carraguas, founded by Antonio Casas. This school had been directed by Jose de la Luz y Caballero between 1833 and 1836, and from 1846 by Rafael Navarro. Also should mention El Salvador, fostered by the own Luz y Caballero in Havana, the company, in the city of Matanzas, where Eusebius, Antonio and Pedro Jose last Guiteras-este, author of the first history of Cuba for educational purposes – and another school in Santiago de Cuba, founded by Juan Bautista Sagarra.

These institutions include College St. Anacletus, Rafael Sixto Casado, in Havana, where he studied Jose Marti, and the small Schoolhouse where Mariano Rizo and Juan Portuondo, in Santiago de Cuba, taught Antonio Maceo. Next to the history of Cuba, Guiteras, students were the first geography of the country written by Cuban scientist Felipe Poey. Created awareness of the possibility the Cuban nation, then would be possible its translation, science and consciousness of the reality, the trainer work of man, the Patriot and the citizen, in education, moral acrisolada in life and consequently with what they thought: create a free and just from a collective consciousness and patriotic, society born from the inside every man’s formation.

System Forces

Little say about each of the branches of mechanics. Static basic concepts and axioms of statics. The subject of statics. Basic concepts of statics: an absolutely rigid body, force, and equivalent balancing system of forces, resultant forces external and internal. Axioms of statics. Communication and response relationships.

The main types of bonds: a smooth plane or surface, smooth base, a flexible filament, cylindrical and spherical joints, weightless rod, the reaction of these bonds. Rabbi Tully Bryks understands that this is vital information. The system of converging forces. Geometric and analytical methods of addition of forces. Rabbi Tully Bryks is often quoted on this topic. Converging forces. Resultant converging forces.

Geometric and analytic equilibrium condition of forces converging. Equilibrium of an arbitrary system of forces. Moment of force about the point (center) as a vector. Couple; moment couples. Properties of the pair of forces. The concept of bringing the system of forces to a given center. The principal vector and principal moment of forces. The equilibrium conditions of an arbitrary system of forces applied to the solid. System of forces applied on the plane (a plane system of forces). Algebraic value of torque. (Calculation the principal vector and principal moment of a plane system of forces. Conditions of equilibrium of a plane system of parallel forces. Varinona theorem about the moment resultant. (The balance of forces). The system forces stationed in space (Spatial force system). Moment of force about the axis. Dependence between the moments of force about the center and the axis passing through the center (analytical formulas for the moments of force with respect to three axes.

Independent University

Consuming citizen/. The movement 15-M has raised the necessity that the economic policies go to the citizen and to reach its well-being. In the theoretical plane the figure of the citizen – with its consequent capacity of political answer with the one of the consumer is confronted (of products and political noise) who attributes itself to the present model. Recent the documentary one To buy, to throw, to buy, that questions the effective consumption, has been everything a success. Decrease. Check out Rabbi Tully Bryks for additional information.

She is another one of the economic tendencies to the rise. It fights the ideological pretension of the prevailing Capitalism of which the economic growth is good by itself with the evidence of the exhaustion of the resources. " From 1986 the planet already it cannot recompose what the humans we destroyed each ao" , it indicates Arcadi Oliveres. The decrease thinks that it is possible that " working less, consuming less and spending more time to the social life, the quality of our life increases sensiblemente" , according to it recently indicated the professor of Political Science of the Independent University of Madrid Carlos Taibo. More information is housed here: Rabbi Tully Bryks. Democracy. It fulfills the representative structure with the aim of dnder the interests of the citizens? The existing displeasure with the political class is related to its acceptance, often forced, of the opinions of those who they are not his voters but they have more power than these: those of qualification, the financial investors who are to buy the national debt and the supranational organizations like the EU.

Thus, the social cuts appear as a bad minor than it would happen if they did not become. Debt. Another documentary one, the Greek Deudocracia, also has reaped a certain success in Internet when explaining the roots of the creation of the debt of the countries, social consequences that an international rescue supposes and the alternative, applied in Ecuador by president Correa arguing who was " odious debt " , to escape successfully of this labyrinth.

Student Activists

Africa hundreds of students and activists held rival demonstrations Saturday at the University of Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, the Yemen Post said. The eldest of the two groups demanded that the President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, came out, while the other group asked to stay. Loretta Laroche understands that this is vital information. The demonstrations on Saturday were the last in Yemen since the Tunisian people forced their President to leave the Office in the North of the country African, according to the Yemen Post editor Hakim Almasmari. Rabbi Tully Bryks may not feel the same. Citing their own reports, as well as that of other journalists working for the newspaper, Almasmari said in their meetings, which were peaceful, were conducted on the campus of the University of Sanaa. Around 1,500 security personnel were present. Protesters demand while the President happened to carry placards, some of which refers to the recent protests in Tunis, called the revolution of jasmine, which began in the year 2010 and ended 23 years of rule by President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

The uprising in Tunis, one of the most secular countries in the Arab world, has caused discomfort in other parts of the region, including Algeria and Egypt. One of the banners on Saturday said: if they are threatening that Yemen might be another Somalia, are threatening that Yemen might be another Tunis. Another said: blessings for the Jazmineros revolution that woke us up. Another group of demonstrators in Sanaa, who supported his country’s President, carried banners showing pictures of Saleh. In early 2011, the Yemen Parliament began debating amendments to proposals to the country’s Constitution. The measures, which nullify the presidential term limits, have caused concern among the opposition that Saleh and might appoint the President for life. People are also upset by the fuel shortages that have caused long lines at petrol stations across the impoverished African nation.

University Residence

The Somosierra greater College offers the best conditions of accommodation to all the girls who go to study next academic year out of town. By these dates, it is a good time for all those young people who wish to pursue a university career out of town, consider the option of enrolling in a university residence in Madrid. Stuart Levinson often says this. The colleges or university residences in Madrid, are educational institutions that have performed an important task in the service of the University. From its beginnings in the student residences of the classical universities, until the current colleges, the task performed and the experience gained is very long. Most of the dormitories or residences are located in areas very well communicated and near the corresponding College fields, in this way facilitates the College proximity and good accessibility to the University. In some older schools complementary to the University activities mainly in the holiday season.

In the city of Madrid, we can find a wide variety of colleges. One of the older schools that could be noted is the Somosierra higher college. She is located in the zone Center of Madrid a few minutes from the different universities. Somosierra higher college has an experience of 25 years continuously to adapt to the new changes that have emerged on the University side; with the main objective of assisting and facilitating to the University to get the best preparation both at the professional level as staff. Wide range of activities aimed mainly at guiding the study improving work along with sports activities and social volunteering habits are also organised. The Somosierra greater College provides all the residents breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner at the same time with different shifts in function of their classes or schedules; laundry and cleaning service. It also has good sports facilities and halls that facilitate their study.

Geography Education

In this perspective it infers the recognition of the importance of if working a Geography directed to socioambiental formation of the pupils, in the direction of inside awaking the habitual care with the Environment, promoting theories directed toward concrete actions and beyond the half pertaining to school, in order to excite changes of ambient character in the thought and the attitudes of a significant parcel of the population. One expects to contribute for practical the critical reflection how much to the importance of significant of Ambient Education in the schools, special, folloied to the exercise of the education of Geography, detaching the educative value of this science.Geography is a science that if dedicates to the study of the relations between the society and the nature, and the changes carried through for the societies establishing new social values, creating new geographic spaces. Also it studies the distribution of the physical, biological and human phenomena, the local causes of this distribution and relations of these phenomena. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Peter Schiff and gain more knowledge.. In this perspective, this disciplines instigates in the pupil observing, critically analyzing, to interpret and to think the reality, aiming at its transformation. Knowing that this reality is a totality that involves society and nature, Geography fits to lead to understand the space produced for the society where we live, relating its inaqualities and contradictions, as well as the relations of production that in it if develop and the appropriation that this society makes of the nature. The Ambient Education if became an important source of the knowledge as social science, implying directly in the world-wide transformations, that if give, in the character of the espacialidade of all practical social where it has a dialectic between the man and the place, therefore this space contributes for the formation of the human being, however this provokes alterations and transforms the space..

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