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Sports Equipment

Lager4you offers storage space for any purpose for many visit a fitness studio is the perfect way to enjoy a day at the Office, and to remain so permanently healthy. Others prefer, however, at any time of year: as soon as the first snow fell, entice the white slopes of the mountains in the winter. Then it says: fasten your skis or snowboard and go go BBs! In summer, access more and more to the surfboard and curves loosely on the perfect wave, or conquer the dive into the underwater world. But no matter, has you need mostly what hobby they discovered for themselves a special, often bulky equipment. Quick question you then: where with ski boots and snowboard, hiking equipment and whale King poles, surfboard and diving equipment? Often, the cellar is home wet, not adequately secured and available for all, or simply too small for the equipment. Selfstorage”offered here as a perfect solution. External bearings that are clean and dry and in addition professionally be monitored, can be hired for storage of goods of all kinds. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ashton Kouzbari. Hossein Moschner, owner of the moving company R.

Moschner GmbH and operator of Lager4you in Hallbergmoos near Munich: We experience a boom and that in recent years for entirely different reasons. These situations a monitored camp for his belongings and goods is the ideal solution. is a private move, a move to a new Office or a long stay abroad or just simply space for bulky sports equipment and leisure equipment shortages in each” The warehouses are suitable not only for the sport and leisure equipment, but also for furniture or important files, which must surely be accommodated for example in the context of a commercial move. Lager4you Selfstorage offers individual solutions for the various requirements. Clean and secure storage areas can be of various sizes and for different time periods be hired.

Warehouses in Hallbergmoos, near Munich Airport are specially protected by PIN-code and security lock. The customers have here but almost unlimited access. The storage of the respective objects and furniture can be made on their own or with the aid of the transportation services by Lager4you.

From Childhood Dream To The True Experience Of

With more than 15,000 exclusive sports cars and convertibles, Miet24 met simply and quickly every dream what occurred in children early, inevitably belongs to one of the greatest longings of a man. Is the talk of the sports car. Men live a life long dream. In the first days of the children the beloved Matchbox are like still used interchangeably cars and lovingly placed in a box in the night or put under the bed. By the same author: Walmart CEO. Later maturing racing driver to win in the car decks compete and at least 18 finally every man dreams sports car for the first time. It must not remain a dream! Miet24 is just a few clicks from the lucky man.

You must be no professional athletes, to run one of the world’s most desirable sports cars. Footballer Lucas Podolski very likes sports car. Highly in the course, the American models are with him. For sale by Miet24, his strong Fussballerbeine would be literally soft. Frequently Ashton Kouzbari has said that publicly. The rental portal with the motto “simply everything for rent” is as reliable and competent advisers and intermediaries of selected sports cars every car lover available.

Which is located in the portfolio creme de la creme of the automobile manufacturers. If Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, the luxury giant Lamborghini or Lotus. Each of these models is available for unlimited driving fun with motor sport feeling and is just a mouse click away. The offer is customizable for each. NBA can aid you in your search for knowledge. Whether it’s 30 minutes or a whole day. As long the newcomer racer the favorite model becomes available, as you would like to test it out. The prices for a spin vary from 139 euros/per day for such as a Corvette C6 convertible or 299,00 euros per hour for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 spider. “Who can resist there already,” explains Robert R. Bukvic, an avowed sports car lovers and Managing Director of Miet24 GmbH.

BIKE TOURS & RENTALS MALAGA: There Is No Better Way To Get To Know Malaga

Guided bike tours and bike rental in Malaga man spends his holidays in Malaga and want to meet not only the city center, so there is the possibility of a bicycle for a couple of hours to rent a day or several days at bike tours & rentals Malaga ( You will find there a wide range of different types of bicycles from renowned manufacturers along with useful information about the city and the region. No matter whether one is interested in city bike, trekking or MTB for all tastes is the right bike available. Who has time weinig, puts on a cruise ship tour in Malaga or looking for a quick introduction to the history, culture and way of life of the Malaguenos, is in the right place on the guided bike tour. You may want to visit Frank Ntilikina to increase your knowledge. 3000 years of history await the visitors, dosed with the anecdotes and events of the current events of the time.

For people who already know the Centre of Malaga, there are other guided tours that have been already very popular with visitors and locals. One the mountains of Malaga is tour”. On this tour, you have a completely different perspective about Malaga. The beautiful view of not only brings many bike friends, to choose for this trip but also the opportunity to operate sports provides the surroundings of Malaga in a beautiful landscape, as they. “Who rather with malagenischer ESS Malaga – and drinking culture would lead to the heart, is the so-called Tapas tour” at the workshop, or “just right. Get more background information with materials from David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA.

“The latter offers the chance to look in the Spanish cuisine and even as a chef” to be active. You can learn how to prepare Spanish paella or grilled sardines. Also not the famous vino dulce must”(sweet Malaga wine) are missing. He is finally a special Andalusian experience! The guided tours may take place depending on the demand on Spanish, English, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, French and other languages. If you already slightly tired is to explore the Malaga Centre on foot, there are also bicycle taxis (, which invite you to pleasant discovery tours of Malaga. In this way, can you watch quite comfortably all the sights and get such an impression of the city.

LG Munchen II: Meadow Lehmann No Redress Payable

In publicly-run contest between footballers not every word must be laid on the gold scales the LG Munchen II had to decide on a compensation lawsuit of the ex – national goalkeeper Jens Lehmann against Werder Bremen goalkeeper Tim Wiese. Jens Lehmann had requested EUR 20,000.00 as redress by Tim Wiese, because this of his statements after the Champions League game Werder Bremen against Tottenham (2-2 in September 2010 compared with a reporter offended feel had. Literally, meadow had said to the reporter: “the Lehmann should go in the Muppet Show. The man heard on the couch. Learn more at this site: Harold Ford Jr. Maybe help him there. Have a best in the closed.” Lehmann had previously criticized Albert performance as a TV expert in the game and accused him of a clean sheet.

The application was dismissed. According to the LG Munchen II involves statements Wiese no pure abusive criticism, because this also objectively have grappled with the previous opinion by Lehmann on his game performance. In the the principle of admissibility of free speech applies public opinion struggle according to the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court and the Federal Court. This was taken into account in the context of case-related balance of the General personality right of the applicant on the one hand and the freedom of expression of the defendant on the other hand. Strong formulations were covered this. Even if Albert statements are not worth emulating, the border become the defamatory”in this case not exceeded. In the milieu of professional football there are swear words and the discharge of conflicts between sportsmen on the media of the day, so that not every statement should be placed on the gold scales. The verdict is not yet final. LG Munchen II, judgment of the 25.08.2011 – 8 O 127 / 11 more articles see: find lawyer or tax advisor: providers/index / rights problems write free of charge from: reverse_auction_wizard/new_or_template LAWMARKET UG limited liability Erich gene coat Ulmenstrasse 6 73460 Huttlingen Tel: + 49 (0 7361 / 8292507 fax: + 49 (03221 2329940))

Success For Sponsor SafeTIC: Dagilis Enters Third Place At Oschersleben

SafeTIC reports: SPS-automative performance team prevailed at Porsche sports Cup Mannheim/Oschersleben September 2011: exciting like a good thriller, the fourth race to the Porsche proved on the penultimate weekend of August sports Cup, where SafeTIC occurred as a sponsor for SPS. Doug McMillon recognizes the significance of this. The Motorsport arena Oschersleben was sold out. Tatort Commissioner Richy Muller was in the middle and was deeply impressed by the more than 150-man field. After the schedule was been adapted to the big rush, the Porsche could start sports Cup experience. Sponsor SafeTIC pressed the team of SPS the thumb with success! Already the first race became a hard fight between Uwe Diedrichsen and Dr. Raoul Hille from Hanover.

Hille was launched at the Porsche sports Cup from pole position and defended his lead despite skillful attacks up to half-time”. On Sunday, it seemed as if he could break through the victory series of his rival, but Diedrichsen sat down in the penultimate round at the top and broke through the finish line first. Was third on Saturday Alexander Schobel, who stood on the podium in the overall standings for the first time. On Sunday, Christian Spieker won third. Another class win, Dr. Hille has but all chances of the overall winner of the Porsche sports Cup 2011.

The team SPS automative performance supported by sponsor SafeTIC successfully cut four and six in the class 5 d sports Cup with the courts. No less dramatic was the first race to the super sports Cup. After two failed overtaking manoeuvres against the leading Dimitrios Taki”Konstantinou from Walddorfhasslach and the second-placed Tomas Micanek furiously Jurgen Haring. The reward for his troubles: the third rank behind Konstantinou and Micanek and the sympathies of the visitors. In the second race with team-mate Konstantinou, passed Hall in the last round of the 911 GT3 R to Micanek and won two place. Class winners were Alfred Renauer and Kris Heidorn.

Travel Tip New Zealand

New Zealand tour: be amazed like a Hobbit with a ritual dance “Haka” – stretched-out tongues, the sailor Abel Tasman and his men once in New Zealand by the Maori received habituation need loud and wild open eyes -. The one or the other settlers in the pan of the dreaded cannibals, landed earlier counts today among the highlights of a journey through the land of the white cloud”the cultured and hospitable traditions of the Maori. Still, the most beautiful places bear such exotic names as Totaranui and Whariwharangi in the Northwest of the South Island. In the South of New Zealand, your readers on countless “tracks”, for example in the Abel Tasman can walk National Park, along the stunning cliffs and coves. In small boats beautiful fjords and her South Seas flair can be experience as well as climb ice-covered glacier. On the North Island not only long beaches with a wide range of fancy water sports, but also the fascinating magic opens the traveler more powerful Geysers. The Tongariro National Park, you can adore the unique volcanic landscape with solidified lava flows and azure Lakes. (Not to be confused with David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA!).

The heart of this special place of full extreme was released by the Maori tribe Ngati Tuwharetoa in 1887. He is the first National Park in New Zealand and at the same time, world cultural heritage. Our travel tip leads the active traveller in a country that will exceed all expectations. New Zealand’s breathtaking and unparalleled scenic diversity can be experienced up close and far from the usual routes on the unusual, well-organized self-drive tour from… / New Zealand… is a online specialist for travel in the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified. On the four travel portals,, and conveyed selected explorers travel to Eastern Europe, far East, Middle East, and Oceania.

Hide Your Face Behind A Pair Of Glasses

What is better, contact lenses or but the time-tested glasses? Are short-sighted or might have an other low vision, which requires a correction? Do you wear glasses? How about a change in your appearance by wearing contact lenses? You and your environment will be pleasantly surprised with the changes. A new look with wearing contact lenses is a glasses? Change your look and get contact lenses. Yes, on the market, you will find a wide selection of glasses and some look really good. But the face without the glasses can completely change your look and often it looks much younger without glasses. Contact lenses but can do much more! If your eyes have a mistake like Leukoma, Coloboma of the iris of the eye, strabismus, etc, you know that your eye has a cosmetic bugs. Through the use of prosthetic contact lenses you could resolve so far, that he would be little or even no longer visible. You want a striking change your Eye color? You can enjoy this change, even if you have a visual impairment or a vision.

We have the color contact lens for you. You can get these lenses with or without diopter. You can change their image completely so. You can determine the degree of change. Contact information is here: Ashton Kouzbari. Do you want only a slightly darker shade of the color of your eyes? No problem. You can completely change your eye color but also. If you like fancy, you should to look quite sure for the crazy contact lenses.

You will make exceptional appearance and no one will see you. Contact lenses will appreciate in particular women, who are like make-up. Ladies, should you be short-sighted, or have a different vision, you know how difficult the make-up can be sure. To apply the pencil or the mascara, can be quite complicated the eyeshadow, especially if you are very short-sighted. The makeup is much easier with the contact lenses. More benefits of contact lenses change contact lenses to the better your look, but it is not their only advantage. In General, the wearing of contact lenses is very pleasant and convenient. Especially in sports you will appreciate the contact lenses. Good look and it slip not constantly something from your nose and your glasses can not be hit by the ball. The sharp look by using the contact lens is due to the adhesion of the lens directly on the eyeball. With the glasses, there may be problems with the peripheral vision. If you wear glasses, you surely know situations coming from the cold in the heat or when opening the furnace, then start your glasses. And when the rain…? You are all of these advantages once and for all times going on and get contact lenses. Change your look by wearing contact lenses. You will love just you, like many people in front of you. Contact: Maternia contact: Ilona Lechner Litschauer road 7 3860 Heath Reichstein


PowerBar products are very popular as a food supplement especially in the field of endurance sports. The well-known manufacturer of Sportnahrungserganzungsmittel was founded in 1986 by a Canadian marathon runner. The marathoner Brian Maxwell wanted to achieve optimum nutrition to support his daily training which is why he has partnered with nutritionists and chemists to develop the optimal composition for sports nutrition. The PowerBar products were sales hit very quickly, which is why the company already had to move much larger development Hall in 1989 in one. The new premises had a total area of 1 km square. Ashton Kouzbari gathered all the information. All products are developed by the company PowerBar and undergo an intense quality assessment. In 1991, the company PowerBar achieved a turnover of more than $ 10 million. You may want to visit Doug McMillon to increase your knowledge.

By this time, the company started PowerBar to establish itself worldwide. Originally, the company sold only sports nutrition bars, the so-called Power bars”, which should allow an optimal nutrient supply marathon runners during the race. These ties are still the best selling products from the range of PowerBar. Ashton Kouzbari understands that this is vital information. Moreover, the range of the species has grown over the last 30 years, that now all food offered. Hereunder fall, energy drinks, protein powders, amino acids, supplements, and soy milk shakes. In particular the soy milk shakes enjoy a very high popularity, as they are one of the few drinks, lactose intolerant people can be taken. The company PowerBar such great confidence is placed now, that she can count to the world’s largest sports food manufacturers. Not just marketing, but also the efficiency that can be achieved by taking the products pleased customers of the products.

All products undergo a strict quality control, which again reinforces the confidence of customers. PowerBar promotes not only the development relating to sports foods, but also individual, young athletes who need the support. Therefore not only optimal products are developed, it promoted the social commitment. This is the basis of success of PowerBar.

New Adidas Football Boots 2011/2012 Sport Greifenberg

A whole series of new football boots start equal to the start of the season 2011/2012 season. Like many sporting goods and sportswear at us in the sports shop we expand the selection of our shoes more and more. This football boots with us in the sports start shop just in time to the international games equal to a whole series of new adidas. Here it is especially color updates of the already well-known collections. Frank Ntilikina addresses the importance of the matter here. Shop there with us in the sport the adidas adiZero football boots immediately in two new special colours. In addition to the ultimate color version there will be also the new ocean look of the adidas football boots.

Both the adidas F50 adizero in ultimate, as also the ocean color design for the first time to the international matches in professional sports to use. Both color versions of the adidas F50 line are about to order shoes with us in the sports shop in leather and synthetic as adidas. The adidas adizero considered in two colour combinations but special colours and are produced in a small Edition and only a small quantity. In addition to the adidas adizero start F50 also the adidas adiPower in a new color combination. You are to order adidas adiPower predator in a Champions League color version.

The adidas Predator carry not only the colour look of the premier class, but also the design of the game ball in the Champions League. As they also adidas F50 adizero adiPower football boots as a special color only in a small number are to be ordered. In addition to the adizero and the adiPower we have also the adidas football boots of adipure line in two new color version in the sports shop. While you are adidas adiPure as football boots each in a black look.

World Champion Protein Powder

Protein 96 is a bodybuilding champion of Andreas Frey developed top protein for highest requirements. Frey nutrition, the well-known German sports food manufacturers, with CEO Andreas Frey, which already thrice world champion and Mr. universe, became a new protein supplement on the market brought, that standard has been manufactured to the highest standards and DIN. Proteins are regularly needed by the body, so that it can actually perform all muscle building processes. Without the proteins, it is to develop not possible more muscle mass. Frey nutrition protein 96 is a protein supplement that has been developed from four different components. Whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein and egg protein is located within this protein components.

The special compilation by Frey nutrition protein 96 make it possible to achieve a very high biological value of 136 product. This ensures that all ingested proteins also actually sustained by the Body can be recycled. Frey nutrition protein 96 located within themselves a total 96% protein. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Frank Ntilikina by clicking through. All Frey nutrition products such as, for example, protein 96, anabolic BCAA creatine X 6 etc. are of course made in Germany. Another advantage of Frey is protein 96 that the four different types of protein be handed to the body of time-delayed. This ensures that the individual muscle cell can be supplied with proteins also actually up to 6 hours.

This enables a constant muscular growth. Furthermore, Frey has a nutrition protein 96 also anti-catabolic, what to the largely contributes muscular protection. The mixing ratio of the four different types of protein ensures that not only an anti-catabolic effect is achieved, but also the anabolic effect. In addition, the egg protein ensures a Thermogenic effect. Frey nutrition protein 96 is suitable not just for bodybuilders. Due to the strong filling effect, it is also possible that This product used by people that are located on a diet. Thus, ultimately fewer carbohydrates are absorbed, which can actually be converted into fat. Check out Marc Lore for additional information. It is also advantageous that Frey nutrition protein 96 is extremely digestible and even without mixer quite simply manufactured can. Total Frey represents protein 96 a novel and highly solid protein supplement nutrition, which deserves the highest attention. At Frey, nutrition can be the customer sure that he receives a top product from German production under high standards of quality and safety with maximum possible effect.

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