How you can lose weight on your thighs many women fight not only with their weight, but also with her thigh. Most of the time you lost weight, but wants the thighs that last bit of fat and cellulite disappear. This article reveals five simple tips that can help you to be able to take off at the thigh and to combat cellulite. 1 Jogging for nice thighs there is probably nothing easier than jogging. This endurance sport is suitable for beginners as well as advanced and required no utensils can be done anywhere under the open sky.

Also, jogging Burns not only calories and increases the condition, but helps also to beautiful legs. Prerequisite: Jogging three times a week 30-45 minutes. 2 In the morning in the shower contrast showers, you can tighten the thigh by massaging it with a hard stream of water and the alternation of cold and warm water. This brings not only a metabolism in swing, but also tired legs makes you fit. 3. Scrubs have not only Scrubs firming effects, but promote the blood circulation of the connective tissue.

For this, you can either use peels from the drugstore or make them yourself (there are free tutorials on the Internet). But also grounds ideal place as peeling. 4. Anti cellulite creams in addition to contrast showers and scrubs have proved anti cellulite creams help. The cream of brand must not necessarily be used. Simple and cheap drugstore brands are also sufficient. Application: Massage the cream or oil in circular motions carefully in the thigh. As a result, the blood circulation and the lymphatic circulation are stimulated. 5. Increased protein intake protein is the building block of muscle and is responsible for the burning of fat. For beautiful and tight thighs, you should increase the intake of protein (in conjunction with sport). To do this it is sufficient already if you eat enough fish and meat (E.g. Turkey), dairy products (yogurt, Quark, for example). These five simple tips are good means to that Thigh to streamline, combat cellulite and remove a little of the thighs. Nevertheless, women should complete always a muscle building workout, which is based in particular on basic exercises, like squats or Deadlifts. Only so it will be on time, to get the unpopular problem areas in the handle.