Purpose of the pre-workout nutrition is the energy storage, as well as the protein deposits in the muscle to fill it up. We get the question repeatedly what supplements must be to what Zeitpunkteingenommen. That’s why we thought to be able to answer some questions with our new blog. This we try today to the pre workout nutrition (nutrition prior to exercise) and on the other the post workout nutrition (nutrition after training) to bring. If a good and consistent supplementation will be done correctly, she can increase the effectiveness of your training. For even more details, read what Marc Lore says on the issue.

Two of the most important supplements for the training are: firstly the protein, on best natural whey protein, then whey protein is, due to the raw material and the production process, faster absorbable than other proteins. Secondly, dextrose is therefore nothing other than glucose a type of carbohydrate that is very similar to the blood sugar and therefore fastest passes into the blood. For this purpose I can’t even, for example, the WEIDER hardcore whey protein (post-workout). or even a regular whey concentrate which is slightly cheaper recommend as a Wheyisolat (pre-workout). Of course, other supplements are very important for the pre and post workout, which we will go later. Pre workout nutrition: it is most effective, about an hour before the workout, to take protein per kilogram of body weight 0.3 g of whey, ideally with water. Why an hour before the workout? The whey needed protein about an hour to get into the blood and nutrients to the training are available.

By high blood flow and providing so increased, the inclusion in the muscle is highest. Shortly before the training you can take even a so-called no. booster to you. If you have any in your supplements available you can balance the whole thing directly with arginine (4-6 g L-arginine).