Creatine is not only good for improved elasticity and endurance performance, but allows for a faster recovery after intense physical exertion. For this reason, the training volume can be increased. Sam Mikulak brings even more insight to the discussion. A 2006 published study showed that creatine supplementation can increase in combination with strength training the training-induced increase in the number of Myonuclei and satellite cells in human skeletal muscle resulting from increased muscle fiber growth. Virtually increasing the muscle and the muscle is so driven. About the daily intake of 10 to 20 grams of creatine is recommended during this so-called phase, to increase the stock within a week to about 220 to 250 grams. The revenue should be distributed in three or four doses throughout the day and an increased fluid intake is especially important,”advises Tobias Fendt.

People, to muscle cramps suffer, this can prevent the additional intake of magnesium. Another positive aspect of the diseases is the so-called osmotic effect of this substance. This effect leads to an increased water absorption into muscle cells, and thereby to increase the lean body mass (lean body mass) by one to two percent. This property is a desired effect especially in bodybuilding. A short-term supplementation of creatine (up to 8 weeks) in quantities of about 20 grams per day in the first week and three grams per day in the maintenance phase, considered themselves are harmless, scientists agree. Today however the Dauersupplementierung considered harmless, because it comes with a non-hormone-like substance such as creatine to any receptor saturation. After a period of four weeks after the end of the supplementation of the muscular content drops back to its initial value. There is more information about the intake of creatine among.